Cute Short Hair Updo Hairstyles You Can Style Today

A brief collection of updos for short hairstyles.

Lovers of updo hairstyles usually to long hair. Just because tit gives a very wide range of possibilities to style various hairdos from very simple top knots and ponytails to sophisticated braided updos. Actually, they may never cut hair shorter because they are afraid that short hair updo hairstyles are not possible. Today we will see some pictures of bob and pixie haircuts styled into cute and easy updos. However, it also depends on what you call an updo. For short tresses a cute side braided strand is already a cocktail party style. While for long hair it may mean nothing. In any case bob cuts really have possibilities to be styled in exquisite hairdos. Th chin length hair give you the chance to maneuver and get some lovely look. As for pixies, combed back and small plaits will definitely make a dazzling change in looks.

Bob haircut updo

easy half updos from chin length hair

bob cuts updo hairstyles

One of the best ways to make a simple hairdo and also boast that you are wearing the trendiest bob length hairstyles, is the half updo. So you can make an intricate fixation on the nape of the front strands. Or pull hair back like taken by the wind. Or plait a nice side braids. All variants are nice and will look worthy to be taken to the red carpet even.

Short hair updo hairstyles with braids and twists

cute braids on short bob cuts

twists and braids updos for short haircuts

halo braids for short hair

The universal, the timeless and always adorable braids will come to help y no matter your hair length For short tresses even crown braids are possible. You just need to go step by step and fox the ends of your short strand with bobby pins.

Cute soft updos for short hairstyles

lovely updos for short hair

celebrity short hair updos

Wedding ceremony or some other very important event should be marked with notorious looks. With short hair they can be achieved with low hairdos. Low buns and twists will be good enough for your short hair updo hairstyles. However, mind that your hairstylist uses enough hair spray and bobby pins for your new updo to last all the evening. You know, that slippery short strands tend to come out and strangle freely out of place.


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