Female Buzz Cuts & Shaved Heads Trend

Not quite sure whether we are facing a mainstream trend or not, but in any case female buzz cut hairstyles have got absolutely new level. It is all about Cara Delevingne. First she went platinum blonde. Wow! Nice and trendy, this is the main reaction. Some weeks ago, suddenly a new pixie. Everybody held breath to see if it is the new summer trend. Many people are shifting to pixies lately. But it was too early to make conclusions. Cara went shaved head. And this was the very moment in beauty concepts. Last night at MTV Movie Awards 2017 the model and actress and author of a book announced that she was tired of false beauty concepts: "There are no beauty standards". The quote goes viral indeed. Among short haircuts for women, Amandla Stenberg hit the red carpet with another shortest buzz cut.

So today we will turn our attention to epic and iconic, even manly buzz cuts that women have adopted so graciously.

Celebrity shaved head styles

Cara Delevingne new buzz cut hairstyle
Cara Delevingne

The star of the night not only had the shortest cut, but also continued her new trend of painting head. Among MET Gala 2017 hairstyles, her silver painted pixie brought a lot of fuss around. Now she had a painted tattoo on the nape, in some cute geometric form. And again silver. Perhaps the key is in the color?

Kristen Stewart buzz cut hairstyles
Kristen Stewart

Amber Rose buzz cut hairstyle
Amber Rose

Agyness Deyn shaved head style
Agyness Deyn

Actually, many celebrities try short cuts and shaved heads. It was last yearwhen Kristen boasted her platinum blonde buzz cut. Model Agyness Deyn comments that shaved head requires much confidence, and now she feels much better with it as compared with the same buzz a a younger age.

Female buzz cut hairstyles on models

women shaved head hairstyles
shaved head

women buzz cut hairstyles
buzz cut

The broken beauty standards that sport model sizes of 90-60-90, the height starting from 170m, and extremely long impressive hair are left behind. And we are extremely happy about that. Now any woman, no matter a celebrity a model, or a housewife, can boast whatever look they ant. Female buzz cut hairstyles can be daring, but they will explain your emotions and individuality.

Street style looks with extra short haircuts

female buzz cuts
short hair with trendy looks

buzz cut hairstyles for women
very short female hair

At the end, a couple of looks from streets. As you can see yourself, the shaved head and short crop can look not only trendy, but also extremely feminine and sensual. Perhaps this is your next choice?


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