11 Main Spring 2017 Hair Trends You Have To See Now

In just a couple of months we will start to hear of fashion and hair trends 2018 when all the runway and couture shows start. But now we can sum up all that we have seen during this year and get to some smart conclusions about Spring 2017 hair trends. We have spoken much about the tendencies, and that natural looks will be trendy. However, bringing it all in one article resulted in finding out some very curious things. For example, punk hairstyles or huge curly hair looks. On the whole, I would recommend going through this article to get closely acquainted with the coming hairstyles for 2017.

#1 dreads are back

female dreads

One of the most impressive shows for SS17 was that of Marc Jacobs dreadlocks collection. Colorful wool dreads seen on such models as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner for sure lead to a mass trend coming ahead. But Marc was not the only designer to use protective hairstyles on runways.

#2 going punk

rebel punk inspired hairstyles

Some ounce of rebel spirits will result in your aggressively sensual punk hairstyles. It may work for caertain events really.

#3 braided buns

plait bun

Elegant looks are never out of fashion. This year we will witness many low bun hairstyles, the most exquisite of which will be the braided buns.

#4 wet hair looks

out of water hair

Time goes by, trends change. However wet hairstyles are still on and off the podium. Don't miss them out.

#5 dramatically deep side parting


side swept tresses

Another elegant look is guaranteed with long hair and deep side parting. You can style hair straight or make Hollywood waves. Along the partying there may be a tiny braid.

#6 low ponytail spring 2017 hair trends

easy ponytail

Business style taken on a new level is represented in low ponytails. Easy, casual, yet strict, but not very tight. The key part here is he hair clip - a metal one, or just a black ribbon.

#7 beehive curls

big curly mane

Spring 2017 hair trends introduce to your attention the very big curls. Messy, bed head, with straight bangs - strange look, but trendy.

#8 vintage hairstyles

vintage hair trends 2017
retro hair

Retro hair looks have entered fashion long before. Getting to the peak of popularity with Great Gatsby vintage hairstyles, they still have their unique place on the world of fashion.

#9 runway hair accessories

cute hair pieces

This year cute headpieces will be in fashion. A white headscarf or jewel headband - choose whichever you like.

#10 pastel hair colors 2017

soft hair hues

For 2017 pastel hair colors, runways have brought to us some nice looks. However, this time the most inspirational were the street style look that aroused the neon hair colors trend.

#11 surfer hair for women

almost beach waves

Among wavy hairstyles there are the beach waves that we adore. However, on the catwalks we saw another very similar Spring 2017 hair trends - female surfer hairstyles. These are the beach waves but less wavy and more natural.


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