Black Women Natural Hair Trends 2018 From Recent Runways

The past fashion weeks brought forward many fresh ideas not only on outfits and accessories trend for fall winter season, but also in hairstyles. The most amazing and impressive fact was that we spotted a lot of notorious black models on the stage. This time, the diversity really meant something and was absolutely expressed in every detail of the shows. Above all, it is not just about including African-American models, but about letting them be themselves. What I mean is that black women natural hair trends 2018 set by the Big Four fashion runways is what we have been waiting for a long time now.

Indeed, girls hit the catwalks with their inborn curly mane, cut into short afros. No more hair stretching, just your beloved coils. And this is the trend! The majority of designers turned to short afro hairstyles for black women, some chose straight hair, and several went for mid length curly mane. Now let's see some of the best looks spotted on the most ranked catwalks.

Short natural afro hairstyles from Fashion Weeks runways

Vanessa Seward natural black women hairstyles 2018
Vanessa Seward

Balenciaga natural black hair trends 2018

Dries Van Noten natural hair trends 2018
Dries Van Noten

Sure, some of the accessories and outfits make us doubt their being adequate for every day use, or for any use at all. For example, the enormous and many keys on the neck of the model at Balenciaga doesn't make too much sense. Or this combination of silk, fur and jeans at Dries Van Noten. However, we are her to focus on black women hair trends 2018 inspired by the runways. And from this point of view, the looks with short hair are quite inspirational.

Black women natural hair trends 2018

Ellery black women natural hair trends 2018

Acne natural hair trends 2018

Elie Saab black women natural hair trends 2018
Elie Saab

Actually, these past runways were really refreshing in the sense of hairstyles. Almost all the designers introduced relaxed and casual look, even Guido Palau for Tory Burch created the viral low ponytails with black velvet ribbons. Each of us can create such look having no skills at all. The same thing happens in regards to natural hair. Short, curly, authentic styles all around.

Long natural hairstyles for African-American women

Loewe mid part natural hair trends 2018

Valentino natural curly hair trends 2018

Paco Rabanne natural hair trends 2018
Paco Rabanne

Well, no matter what happens, some designers still stick to long hair. For black hair type in some cases it can be nice Paco Rabanne model boast her relaxed natural hair texture, slightly uncombed and dizzy. Actually, this is a look hat we have now and then and sometimes consider untidy. Well, now it is a trend.

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