Celebrity Hair Ideas: Box Braids & More

Black women hair is a marvelous source of infinite hair ideas for anybody. From relaxed hair to short cuts, from afros to box braids, from cornrows to twists, and we ca go on like this far more. Actually, we can't deny that the current trends sport black women short hairstyles mostly. It is proved on runways, on red carpets and all around us. However, it doesn't mean that the traditional protective hairstyles are not on-trend any more. Actually, no matter what happens box braids with all variations stay among top rated styles for that African American hair texture. Today celebrity box braids hairstyles will become your inspiration for the next look. They are cute and nice. But most importantly they express individuality. It is no coincidence that such notorious women like Solange always choose natural hair looks. Why not to follow some of the below ideas?

Solange long box braids

Solange box braids for black women
long braids

Solange long box braids hairstyles
Solange long box braids

Actress, DJ, a lady with dozens of talents is known also for her unique style. Although she has al the possibilities to have hair straightened or to wear wigs, like for example Naomi Campbell, we rarely see her doing that. Mainly because she loves staying close to her roots. Solange cute afro at the recent fashion week, her twists and box braids inspire thousands of women all around he world.

Updo hairstyles out of box braids

box braids updos
cute updos

box braids bun hairstyles
box braids buns

Brandy Norwood braided updo hairstyle
Brandy Norwood

The good thing about box braids is that they are very very versatile. You can create whatever style you want. Especially if you are wearing micro braids that are soft and tiny and remind much natural hair. In this case they are highly manageable that allows he creation of multiple curious styles. The most popular among updos are buns. Yet, it is not just the old good bun. Celebrity box braids hairstyles include ow and high buns, front buns, double know and many other ideas.

Cornrow styles

cornrows hairstyles for black women
cool cornrow hairsyles

black women cornrows
box braids and cornrows

Seems, that cornrows are not box braids. Well, that's true. But the the most common style is to create cornrows that will end in jumbo braids. This style can look cool and funky. Also, combine it with elegant dress and jewelry and see the transformation yourself.

Celebrity box braids hairstyles

Zoe Kravitz long braided hairstyles
Zoe Kravitz

At last, an idea on micro braids. As mentioned, they are very easy to deal with and are a good base for many styles. However, mind that it will take many long hours t create them.


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