2017 Bob Haircuts For Men To Try Now

The on-trend bob haircut is also meant for men!

Who doesn't know about bob haircuts? We all know. The most popular trend that reached the peak of it popularity last summer, is still mainstream. Judging from how the trends develop, we can definitely state that the shoulder length styles will be popular for long time. However, did you think of male bob haircuts? Yes, the trend has gone very far and today we have 2017 bob haircuts for men that you definitely need to try. Well, you will say that longer hair is not manly. Perhaps, in some cases that can be true but not with shoulder length hair. Rebel curls of thick hair, or sleek strands of thin hair look equally nice on the length that bob provides. Besides current trends for men's hairstyles also include beards. So together they form a couple that you are simply obliged to try before anybody else does.

Elegant fashion looks for men with bob cuts

stylish medium length haircuts for men

elegant wavy bob styles

Longer hair for men may be considered non-professional in a certain situation. No matter that times have changed and stereotypes are broken, some prejudice still remains. If you enter a huge business center with banks and other financial institution within long mane and casual outfit, it will be noticed. However, not with bob cuts. This length allows perfect combination with expensive suits.

Casual 2017 bob haircuts for men

messy wavy bobs for guys

brutal looks with bob hair

For the guys that leave casual life and do not work in skyscrapers, the brutal looks are easily reached with bob hairstyles. Actually, even men's bobs are versatile. You can not only style them in million of ways, but also cut. So shaved or crop cut bob with huge braid will be a nice way to show off your individuality in the coming year.

Shoulder length hairstyles for men with thin hair

mens curly bob hairstyles

runway bob cuts

thin hair medium bob

Some proof from runways would be to the point. If you are still in doubt about getting your hair longer, follow he model guys on the runways of the most significant designers. Shoulder length hairstyles for men are always welcomed there.

Celebrity men bob hairstyles

mature men shoulder length hair

middle part bob cuts for men

Getting to celebrities, I admit that it was very long ago that David Beckham and Ashton Kutcher rocked center parted bob. But as for Johnny Depp he is a real fan of longer hairstyles and they always fit him a lot.


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