Knocking Out Platinum Blonde Bob Hairstyles

What will happen if you combine two mainstream trends into one smashing look? Platinum blonde bob hairstyles will happen! This is official! The trend that knocked out everybody, that passed all the way to triumph last summer, is still here to make you look incomparable. On the one hand, bleached blonde cam to be trendy several season ago, but it is last summer when Taylor Swift suddenly went completely bleached and thus put a start to one of the major trends of our days. Later many celebrities followed her new look, and it went viral. Not only the color, but also the timeless chic bob haircut. The chin length cut has become favorite look for millions of women around the world. Due to its easy maintenance and independent look, bib is really the top style everyone can go for.

Today we are here to see the smashing combo of ice blonde and bob cuts, the styles that are and will be popular this year, beyond any doubt.

Ice blonde bob cuts

ice blonde bob hairstyles
classy straight bob

bleached blonde lob hairstyles
long bob hairstyles

messy platinum blonde bob cuts
platinum blonde wavy bob

For sure, modern bobs are not the ones from 1920's. Meanwhile we still happen to see polished looks of perfect bob cut, in reality it is careless messy looks taking over the tidy ages. The bob and platinum colors form styles that look amazing when not styled at all.

Street style bleached blonde bob styles

street style blonde bob hairstyles
cute bob cuts

A little bit of inspiration from street sis always to the point. Bleached blonde bob can be very short and very straight, and also it can wavy and untidy. Both look fine and are appropriate for any occasion.

Celebrity platinum blonde bob hairstyles

Kristen Stewart platinum blonde bob hairstyles
Kristen Stewart

Jennifer Lawrence platinum blonde bob hairstyles
Jennifer Lawrence

One of the main conditions to have the perfect platinum blonde is to leave an inch of roots of your own color. This will create contrast that will win you the best look. Besides, rooty blonde is always trendy, and now more than ever.

Taylor Swift platinum blonde bob hairstyles
Taylor Swift

Rita Ora platinum blonde bob hairstyles
Rita Ora

Michelle Williams platinum blonde bob hairstyles
Michelle Williams

Once again, celebrity platinum blonde bob hairstyles prove the popularity of these awesome styles. All you need to do is go to your hair colorist right now and ask for the color. However, the transition may take some time if you have natural darker hair tone.


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