Adorable Prom Hairstyles 2017

Hey, girls! Soon the prom is coming! Don't you think it is high time you thought of your looks, dress, accessories and prom hairstyles 2017? Sure, i is time. Prom is the most important event in any girls' life and you should be ready for that. Plan beforehand what you are going to wear, what makeup to apply and how to roll your hair. Actually, many young ladies use too much of all and this results in a grown up looks not appropriate to the age. So before we go and see some hair ideas, I advice you that you stick to some youthful looks. It should fit your individuality, your character and perceptions. Don;t go too elegant and red carpet like if you don't feel like that. With even double bun hair you can look cool enough for prom. Below you will see some of the most adorable prom hair ideas that will help you shape your image for the coming biggest event.

Long waves for prom looks

long wavy prom hairstyles 2017
braids and waves

chunky waves

Let me tart with long hair. There are two ways to go - either create updos, or enjoy your hair loose. Both are cool. No doubt, loose hair looks much relaxed. But you can consider here various options. Long wavy hair can represent the old Hollywood waves, that is nothing but enchanting. Or long waves can look a bit chunky, a bit messy, yet very modern. So it is up to you to decide on your style.

Jewel hair accessories for promenade hairstyles

prom hairstyles 2017 for long hair
cute hair pieces

For the girls who seek fr the princess looks, here are the jewel hair accessories. They will convert the simplest style into a queen worthy image. With long hair wrapped intricately into a loose braid, such head pieces will look the best.

Updo prom hairstyles 2017

side braid prom hairstyles 2017
side braid

updo prom hairstyles 2017
creative updos

crown braid prom hairstyles 2017
crown braid

For many of us prom is the event where we need to appear in an absolutely different image. Meanwhile at school we wear relaxed hairstyles, and no styling at all, for prom updos will be a good choice. Make a simple high bun, or a braided style, and win all the attention.

Cute bun hairstyles for trendy prom hair

glitter root bun prom hairstyles 2017
glitter root bun

cute baby bun prom hairstyles 2017
cute baby bun

For rebel souls that never follow the mainstream trends, here are naughty bun hair ideas for prom looks. Glitter roots will look smashing, meanwhile multiple buns will be both funny and original.


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