Expressive Women Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

Combine braids and hawks to get the trendiest hairstyles!

There always comes a moment in a woman's life when she wants to change something. Some ladies may obtain new hair color, the others new haircuts. Some love to go shopping and renew wardrobe, while the rest goes experimenting with make up. And there are some passionate hair lovers who start inventing hair wearing ways. Braided Mohawk hairstyles are just the very ideas you need in the moments of feeling like a makeover. First of all, they look amazing. Surely, the authentic Mohawks suppose shaved sides and only the central part with hair left and that very crown part should be styled in a hawk. However, there are ways to obtain the daring hawk with the simplest braids. Well, I do not mean that you will be able to create an astounding Mohawk at once. But the idea is that braids are awesome, and braids hairstyles into hawks even more.

Thus, if you feel intrigued with such a  possibility of a drastic change, that will not affect nor hair length nor color, then here we go.

White women French braids Mohawk hairstyles

pull through braids Mohawk

long hair French braided Mohawk

One of the most amazing designs and the easiest one perhaps is the French braid plaited into Mohawk. Actually you will say that this is the classy braids we knew from school. And yes, this is it. But designed slightly differently. With Dutch or French braids plaited till the end and tousled on the crown part, you will have such a nice look.

cool long braided Mohawk hairstyles

braided Mohawk 2017

Once you feel how to style hawks, you will go on creating new ways. For example, half updo and with braided crown part. Or intricate fusion of several plaiting styles resulting in awesome braided Mohawk hairstyles.

Cool braided Mohawk hairstyles

intricate braids and Mohawk

amazing braided Mohawk into low bun

cute braids Mohawk hair for women

As for me, I have to say that my favorite Mohawks are those that have no tail, that is to say ending in a low neat bun. They do look impressive and quite daring. You can braid just the hawk, or you can create two neat side braids instead of shaved sides and that will look more extravagant for sure.

Artistic braids and Mohawks

artistic Mohawks with braids

Well, these are not the hairstyles to wear anywhere, maybe to a fashion or art event of you are a model. Yet I wanted to show them as far as they represent the Mohawk and the braids. Really inspiring looks!


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