Celebrity Inspiration: Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

The reign of braids hairstyles spread far beyond the traditional approaches to three-strand plait. Actually, you can create any style on any hair length using the simplest braiding technique, mixing it with another one, and obtaining unique looks. However, it is not we are going to discuss. Today this post is devoted to ponytails. The easiest hairstyles of all times change our perception once we consider braided ponytail hairstyles. Now imagine how many styles you can create here! It can be the high tail and simple 3-strand braid. Or Dutch braid, or fishtail. Well, another option is to have loose tail on the contrary. Make it look very romantic with strands left out framing the face, or go strict with low braided slicked pony. The truth is that I can go on telling about various styles forever. Below you will find some celebrity hair ideas and takes on the casual style. Well, it is only called casual, in reality it may look quite extravagant and elegant too.

Celebrity cool side braids

Naomi Campbell side braids ponytail hairstyles
Naomi Campbell

Penelope Cruz side braids ponytail hairstyles
Penelope Cruz

Above pictures represent some of the best side braids eer. Indeed, the thick and solid braid extension of Naomi seem to have become history, It look very harmonious with her dress and completes the wholeness of her  image. Meanwhile, Penelope boast a free and relaxed version, that make her look even more sensual and attractive.

Loose romantic braided ponytail hairstyles

celebrity loose braided ponytails
soft loose braided tail

Kendall Jenner side braids ponytail hairstyles
Kendall Jenner

If you are going to a date, then loose braid is what you need. The style of Margo Robbins is a perfect example of you can frame your face with some left out strands, that will add some sensual touch to your date-night hairstyle.

High ponytails and braids

Blake Lively high braids ponytail hairstyles
Blake Lively

Gigi Hadid high braids ponytail hairstyles
Gigi Hadid

High braided ponytail hairstyles are really unique in their kind. On the one hand, it looks like to be a perfect workout style. On the other hand some celebrities like Blake Lively are capable of creating unforgettable images with this very simple style. Certainly, you need to develop some skills for the perfect tail. But it is won't be too hard.

French braided ponytail

french braids ponytails
updo with side French braid

For many of us, braids are associated with French plaiting technique in first place. For ponytails you can try styling a tiny side French braid that will end in a low bun or in a regular ponytail. It will look creative and cool.


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