Grammy Awards 2017 Major Celebrity Hair Moments

The annual Grammy's held this Sunday passed away but left a lot of things for us to discuss. Below you will find the Grammy Awards celebrity hairstyles 2017 that everybody is buzzing about right now. For sure, some of the looks will definitely put a distinct beginning to new trends. So why not get to know them right now?

Celebrity updos

Adele elegant updo hairstyles 2017

Always an embodiment of elegance. This is the most characterizing feature of Adele. This time again her Gyvenchy dress of smooth khaki green was accompanied by an elegant updo.

Another variant of an updo is a messy one with untied waves. The style looks nice with very vivid red outfit.

Solange natural curly hairstyles 2017

The Grammy's winner Solange as always represents some unique look based on natural hair concept. Her curly updo and distinct eyeliner make a good couple.

Here is how rose gold and blorange hair colors come to spread. Lady Gaga with her signature blonde hair, now introduced us very pale rosy highlights. So this is definitely a big trend.

Long wavy hairstyles at Grammy's 2017

Heidi Klum soft wavy hairstyles 2017
Heidi Klum

Soft barely there waves are the timeless styles that will always look nice and to the point. Perhaps, some shimmering highlights can make it look a bit more modern.

The signature jet black hair color of Demi is with her as always. However, now she is wearing long wavy mane. And looks fantastic!

The pop diva started this year with extremely quick change of hairstyle that we have completely lost track of. In January she had huge dreadlocks, so seeing her with neutral long waves was surprising now.

Grammy Awards celebrity hairstyles 2017 - bob cuts

Katy Perry blonde bob hairstyles 2017
Katy Perry

Platinum blonde hair colors and bob haircuts seem to be the major trend of the coming spring and summer seasons. Katy once again proves the combination to be smashing, though it is the first time we see her this much blonde.

Tory Kelly rose gold hair colors 2017
Tory Kelly

Undone waves, side swept bob and bleached blonde color, but it is rooty blonde, the one that is going to win public this year. Here is the casual but impressive look of Tory.

Chrissy Teigen wavy lob hairstyles 2017
Chrissy Teigen

Another magnificent bob cut among Grammy Awards celebrity hairstyles 2017. Chrissy switches between long and short hair quickly, cause it is just a couple of weeks ago that we saw her at SAG awards with extra long hair. However, this bob is nice, and absolutely trendy.

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