10 Hottest Celebrity Wavy Hairstyles To Try Now

Summer is getting closer and it is time to remember wavy hair looks. What first comes to mind are the casual beach waves there are popular each single season, and in summer just go viral. However, there are more natural wavy looks that you can adopt this time. Celebrity wavy hairstyles from recent red carpet events and runways will inspire you for your next hot look. Before we get to see them, a small piece of advice. Don't be afraid of creating wavy hair. Usually, people find it very difficult. Obviously, you need to have some skills, but the thing is in your haircuts too. Famous hairstylists state that a lot depends on the cut itself. First, a couple of front layers framing your face, a couple on the back, but never too much and always thinned ends. Otherwise waves will look full and fat. The next step is to take the curling iron, hairstyling product that will provide you good protection against damaging strands, and here we go to create the popular hairstyles for spring and summer time.

Trendy wavy bob hairstyles

Alexa Chung wavy hairstyles
Alexa Chung

Chrissy Teigen wavy hairstyles
Chrissy Teigen

Emma Stone wavy hairstyles
Emma Stone

Viola Davis wavy hairstyles
Viola Davis

First of all, let me introduce to you the wavy bob hairstyles. Yes, the ultimate trend for the chin length haircut os going through its triumphant moments right now. All you need to do is to join the crowds and boast the jazzy cut. The Oscar winning Viola Davis and Emma Stone, super model Chrissy Teigen and many other celebrities have preferred short cuts to longer tresses they used to have. Finally, now they have upgraded their looks with soft waves. Definitely, a worthy look to try.

Wavy lob hair ideas

Alessandra Ambrosio wavy hairstyles
Alessandra Ambrosio

Kristen Dunst wavy hairstyles
Kristen Dunst

If your favorite bob has overgrown slightly, do not worry. Actually, it has converted to even a more trendy look of our times. Indeed, lob hairstyles are gaining a more and more popularity with each single day. Style you long bob wavy and look like a celebrity.

Ultimate celebrity wavy hairstyles

Julianne Moore wavy hairstyles
Julianne Moore

Rihanna wavy hairstyles

Gigi Hadid wavy hairstyles
Gigi Hadid

Rosario Dawson wavy hairstyles
Rosario Dawson

Well, no matter the trends there is always a corner for long hair. Super models and tp artists stay true to their fav hair length. Obviously, they have enough reasons for that. For example, Gigi Hadid signature long hair and bronde hair color is something she is recognized with. Naturally, she sticks to that hair length, but updates it with waves and curls from time to time. So here you saw ultimate celebrity wavy hairstyles, now go and get one of them.


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