Trendy Ways To Wear Slicked Back Bob Hairstyles in 2017

There are much better ways to style your bob cuts than yo know. Actually, it seems to be a widely spread opinion that short hair does not give many possibilities for styling. Well, I can only say that people that believe it are just lazy to actually get up and style their bob styles and pixie cuts. In reality, short hair is awesome and gives you styling opportunities. Among the various ways you can cut and wear your bob, from blunt to A line, from retro finger waves to modern beach eaves, let's focus on slick hair today. Indeed, wet effect, combed back, sleek hairstyles are suitable for any length in first place. Secondly, they are damn trendy. From season to season we see how wet hair stay on fashion podium and win more audience. Yes, trends are changing and slicked back bob hairstyles 2017 are certainly different from absolutely wet hair ideas of Guido Palau several season ago. Still, they are here, they are stylish, they are easy to create. Why not try them then?

Below you will find a short but significant gallery of wet bobs, combed back and looking jazzy.

Runway combed back bob hair

runway slicked back bob hairstyles 2017
short haired beauties from runways

Thank goodness, long hair as a must for models is left behind. Now we see black ladies with short afros and relaxed hair bob cuts. And this is amazing. Have a look at slicked back styles above and get prepared for your next look.

Soft brown hair colors on slicked bob cuts

short brown slicked back bob hairstyles 2017
celebrity wet bobs

cool slicked back bob hairstyles 2017
combed back short hair

Kristen Stewart slicked back bob hairstyles 2017
Kristen Stewart

Obviously, it is about color too. If you want to follow the trends, make sure to pay attention to hair colors you are wearing. The most stylish look in these seasons will be those with soft natural shades. So your brown hair is not boring any longer. It is cool once you style it in slicked back bob hairstyles 2017.

Blonde slicked back bob hairstyles 2017

celebrity blonde slicked back bob hairstyles 2017
platinum blonde bob cuts

Gigi Hadid bob style
Gigi Hadid bob style

As far as we started to talk about color, mind that blonde is still in here. Yes, the last summer was a boom for ice and bleached blonde. Consequently, we can imagine it will still go on being trendy updated with some shades, maybe more natural.

Jet black bob cuts styled in slicked back look

jet black slicked back bob hairstyles 2017
celebrity black hairstyles

There has always been something magnetizing about brunettes. Now with this deep solid color styled wet and slicked, it is even more appealing.


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