Famous Celebrity Brunettes: From Jet Black To Soft Honey Brown

When winter is coming, brunette hair colors will warm you up!

Why do we start to think of brunette hair colors once we feel the chilly smell of fall and winter? This phenomenon is quite widely spread and in many cases lady go for blonde hairstyles when summer comes, and go darker with winter. Well, this has explanation for sure, and it is quite obvious dark color like warm chocolate, or honey brown, or hot espresso, give the feeling of warmth and comfort that is so essential in cold times. Besides there is always a chance to revamp your look after the relaxed summer time for a more strict and elegant and no less sensual style that will catch eyes on you. So if you are interested to change your hair hue drastically, or just update the mice grey and brown tone you are wearing now, I am here to represent to you the famous celebrity brunettes that almost all their lives have appeared with signature dark hair colors and never failed to be in the spotlight.

Jet black celebrity hair colors

Kim Kardashian-West black hairstyles


Adriana Lima jet black hair colors


Kendall-Jenner dark brunette hair colors

This was a set of celebrities that show off the color that they never change. Of course we have seen Kim gone platinum blonde, but there was for short time, and she is recognized with her jet black hair colors now. As for Kendall we all remember her a nice teenager with brown shade, but now she has went totally black and has adopted recently the popular lob haircut that she styles casually wavy quite often.

Dark brown celebrity hair colors with highlights

Penelope Cruz signature brunette hairstyles


Megan Fox dark brown hair colors


Anne Hathaway dark espresso hair shades

It is strange but I have to say hat once you try brunette shade you will stick for it forever. I can hardly remember celebrities that change their chocolate hues to their colors. What celebrities usually do is adding highlights that underline the color in different ways depending on whether you choose full length blonde strands, or the trendy balayage with honey lowlights.

Soft brown hair colors from famous celebrities

Sandra Bullock dark brown hair shades


Alessandra Ambrosio dark chocolate hair colors
Alessandra Ambrosio dark chocolate hair colors


Nina Dobrev dark hair color with highlights


Mila Kunis honey brown hair colors

Very dark colors can be frightening at first, especially when you are not olive or mocca skinned, then you have to consider thoroughly the color you are about to adopt. Jet black looks nice with fair skin, while there are some creamy dark brown color that are impressive only for dark skins. So you can start with honey brown with butter highlights like Mila Kunis in the picture above.

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