Fierce Yellow Hair Colors and Hairstyles

Will you dare go sunshine yellow?

With the increasing popularity of neon hair colors, quite naturally we started to think about some trendy and not very natural hues to try on. Well, the coming year will bring its own trends but all that we know for now is that vivid colors will be popular if not mainstream. Among the brightest shades, there is one sunshine yellow hair color that creates the most light and happy images. For sure, going suddenly yellow may be a bit complicated. But you know that changes are always for the best.

In any case, please note that if you have dark hair now, you will need to go through several steps of bleaching hair. Then your hair is fair enough, only then go for the pure color. Otherwise you will get some dirty tone that will look nothing but ugly. Well, now let me show you some picture of yellow mane found across the web. Perhaps that will inspire you to become a little sun in the dull autumn days.

Short yellow bob cuts

short yellow hair

wavy yellow bob

cool yellow bob haircuts

The more the hair is the more we see the color. In a word, if you want to go for the sunny color and doubt if you will manage all the attention you will get, go shorter. Well, some short cuts are not that modest in reality. Some bold pixie maybe far more eye-catching than long waves. But the trendy bob cuts and yellow colors will make a good fit.

Shining yellow hair colors and hairstyles

mid length green yellow hair

half up half down yellow color hairstyles

fierce yellow long hair

Here it is! The long hair, beach wavy and dyed into fierce yellow hair color. This is meant for ladies who know what they do. Crazy, rebel, yet looking extremely nice. It is seen from the girls that they are fond of their hair dye and they reflect all the positive emotions yellow may imply.

Long yellow hairstyles

sunshine yellow hair

long yellow hairstyles

cute yellow color ponytails

Actually, yellow hair colors are very versatile. I mean you can see them on a teenage girl with pigtails and rebellious look and find them daring. Meanwhile a mature women in elegant clothes and well styled long straight hair of yellow color may look feminine and sensual. So you can always find your yellow shade, no matter what is your lifestyle.


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