Light Auburn Hair Colors For Cold Winter Time

Bring warmth to chilly days with heart-warming auburn hair shades.

Do you feel the winter approaching? Step by step, little by little we seem to come closer to the time of the year when all need some more comfort some more warmth. Naturally, we, women, start to think of makeover. Each new season brings forward new challenges and wishes. For winter time it is very likely to want to change hair shades for warmer tones. Perfect winter solution will be light auburn hair colors that will bring the sun rays into your life and make you look jaw-dropping. Actually, any red color shade makes a woman convert into a lady vamp - more attractive and seductive, more playful and juts a happy sunny creature. However, as far as in summer many of us go blonde, the transition will be easier if you choose light copper or very sift burgundy and auburn tones.

To get convinced that this is exactly your color, let's have a look at the gallery.

Light copper hair shades

messy wavy copper hair

curly light copper red hair colors

Very light copper reminds sometimes of strawberry blonde hair color that is way too awesome. So if you want to be redhead but not very vamp, choose such soft tones. By the way, light copper is perfect for those with green or blue eyes and fair skin. Yet no one says it is not good for darker skins.

Long hairstyles and light auburn hair colors

long light auburn shades

soft auburn hair shades

rich light red hair hues for winter

One of the modern trends in hair coloring is matte. The color is made subtle and not shiny that gives it some additional charm. For winter it will be nice to have nit very vivid tresses that will seem to live life alongside with nature. Light matte of red hair tones will look fine on olive and on pale skins.

Copper and light auburn hair hues

cool light auburn

sensual light copper hair

It would be totally misleading if I say that light auburn hair colors are meant for winter. Actually, it is nice to have warm shades in colder time of the year. And it is all the same whether you have cognac, chestnut or auburn. Eventually, any red tone will give you the comfort you are seeking for. Still, lightest shades of auburn in addition to all will make you look youthful and flirty.

Auburn balayage

balayage highlights on auburn hair

We couldn't pass by the trendiest highlighting technique. Balayage auburn is as astounding as any other hair color with this dyeing method. So why don't you try it?


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