Admiring Brunettes Oil Slick Hair Colors 2017

With the rise of popularity of pastel hair colors, quite naturally w come closer to a very important question - what about brunettes? When your hair is dark and rich hardly any pastel pink will be noticed on such mane. Do not get despaired! Hair colorists have thought of a solution that you can easily adopt. Oil slick hair colors 2017 for brunettes will be a good start of the new season for you. Actually, the inventor of this hair dyeing technique was inspired by the oil spots left in the rain and then warmed by the sun. It produced marvelous effect with the play of violet, green and pink. And now this has converted into a mass trend for brunettes. Indeed, when you have one solid color for long time it may become boring. This is when you can find the best oils slick shades for you. By the way, you have some options here - from deep and darker tines, to lighter ones that seem to be closer to pastel shades.

Below we will have a look at some fantastic solutions implemented with this method and find the most inspirational looks.

Short bob haircuts' oil slick colors

brunette bob highlights

oils slick hair colors for bob cuts

Let's start with bob haircuts. Why? Cause bob is on the wave, millions of women got shorter haircuts recently. Consequently, many brunettes will want to update their bob for the coming spring-summer season. Of course, creating the oil patterns on short hair is not an easy task. I would highly recommend that you go to a pro hair colorist. Dyeing hair at home may nit work out in this case.

Soft light oil slick hair colors 2017

brunette hair highlights

soft pastel oil slick shades

highlights for brunettes

Meanwhile we are talking about brunettes and hair colors meant for them precisely, we forget about brown hair. Actually, the lights brown is the tone that can bare all possible highlights. From platinum blonde and caramel to dark oil slick. Above pictures prove how cool your long hair can look once you add the right highlights.

Deep dark pastel oil hair colors for brunettes

dark oil slick shades

rich dark highlights for brunettes

Oils slick hair colors 2017 will win hearts I am sure. The trends will sport the looks that are natural. Although we see here the colors that are not inborn tones, in reality it represents natural play oil color in the sun, so make sure to get the trendy look already now.


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