7 Awesome Ideas For Pull Through Braids Hairstyles 2017

Looking for a new way to style you hair today? Right now and right here meet pull through braids hairstyles 2017! We will see 7 most awesome ideas how to make braids without actually braiding. Yes, pull through does not require any plaiting skills. Well, just take some invisible color ribbons and get ready for your journey. I bet long hair owning ladies will understand the necessity of revealing new styles each time. Indeed, when your mane is long and healthy, you are free to experiment with all possible style on earth. Really, nothing can block you from creating braids and no-braid braids also.

So getting back to fabulous pull through hairstyles, we actually will have two strands of hair passing through another set of two strands. Quite easy, yet looking fantastic due to the visual effect such updo hairstyles create. They look dimensional, and will be perfect for thin hair to add some volume. Below you will find various ideas how to manipulate with pull through hair ideas and get fresh looks each single days, all the week through.

#1 Low buns style

pull through braids downdo hairstyles 2017
elegant downdo

Preparing for a dinner, a first date? Downdo resembling a low bun will help you get the appropriate look. It is not usual, and will certainly make you look and feel quite refined.

#2 milkmaid braid

pull through crown braids hairstyles 2017
crown plait

The traditional mildkmaid braid can be styled with the help of pull through technique. No braiding, no torturing over three strands. Yet, impressive look.

#3 pull through headband

pull through braids headband hairstyles 2017
braided headband

Showing off the length and texture and color is possible alongside wit wearing a braid. You just need to create a headband. Pulling strands through each other you will get the cutest band.

#4 French pull through braids hairstyles 2017

pull through French braids hairstyles 2017
classy French braid

The most classy braid can be recreated with the help of no-braids style. As a result you will have as awesome look as with braids, but with less efforts.

#5 Mohawk hair look

pull through braids Mohawk hairstyles 2017
faux hawk

Pull through braids hairstyles 2017 represent extraordinary and outstanding look - Mohawk hairstyles. Actually, faux hawks are often adopted with braids. With pull through technique it is easier and equally nice.

#6 side braids

pull through side braids hairstyles 2017
pull through side braid

Actually, all styles that classic braid can offer are possible to realize wit the method that will demand no plaiting skills from you. For example, this side braid that is actually two strand pull through.

#7 casual ponytails

pull through braids ponytail hairstyles 2017
braided p-tail

Finally, here is the ponytail. Casual, everyday, functional, yet made a little bit more attractive with pull through braids.


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