Best Black Women Natural Hairstyles

Looking natural has never been so much fashionable!

Black women natural hairstyles never stop being the source of hairspiration not only for African-American ladies but also for the best hairstylists in the world. With that peculiar hair type and texture, the black curls have made their way to hair fashion industry. Through many seasons we have been facing the trend of straightening hair and applying wigs. However, now we can proudly state that boasting inborn hair is on-trend and is considered to be fashionable. So, bearing this in mind, we are here to witness the best hairstyles for black women, that are ultra trendy right now.

Actually, if we listen to hairstylist, they say hat all the current hair trends are the reflection of retro styles that are updated nowadays. And if you look at 80's Afros and what we see today, you will notice great difference. But it is quite obvious that vintage ones are the antecedents that put the beginning to all we have now.

Box braids and cornrows

black ladies long braids extensions


ponytail-braid hairstyles for black women


black women cornrows

First of all let's have a look at the most popular protective hairstyles with extension that are simply amazing. What comes to mind in first place are the always popular box braids. Their short and long variants, downdos and updos, cornrows into box braids - these all makes a part of culture that has so much to reveal to the world.

Bob or pixie cuts?

naturally curly bob styles


black women curly pixie cuts

Despite of the high maintenance texture, black ladies always find a way to follow the trends. Thus, we have now the naturally curly bob cuts and very curly pixies. They really do look nice.

Short afro black women natural hairstyles

black women short afros.


short black 'fros

A great triumph of black women natural hairstyles is the spreading of afros. Short hair with tight inborn curls have never been so much popular as now. And also accepted by public. It is a great way to show off you roots and be in the spotlight.

Extra short afro hairstyles for black women

very short black afros


extremely short afro styles

Just a couple of season ago runways introduced very short natural Afros. It was Maria Borges among the first black models to leave aside wigs and hours of hair styling, and strode the catwalks with extra short hair. Later on the trend went farther, reaching celebrities like Lupita Nyong'o. As a result, today thousands of women can afford themselves looking sensual and daring with the shortest cuts ever.


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