Celebrity Inspiration: Best Ways To Rock Fringes This Spring

Bangs can be now officially considered your strongest weapon in the arm-kit of beauty. Indeed, you best companion and your best accessory, bangs have the power to provide you a transition form day look to night party images, from official to casual. Just find the balance and you can always play with shifting the fringes. Besides, with bangs are proven to take some years away from your actual age. However, this is not why we find them so trendy right now. Top artists have been introducing various types of bangs recently, from vast full length to very tiny and soft side fringes. Celebrity bangs hairstyles 2017 will gather all of the best looks we have ever spotted and get you the most trendy solutions.

Mind, before you go and get bangs, that cutting hair to fringes will also imply some difficulties. At the beginning I am more than sure you will getting up in the morning with bangs absolutely messed up and evening standing straight upwards. But this is a small thing as compared to how many divers looks you will have once you obtain hairstyles with bangs.

Celebrity bangs hairstyles 2017 - full length fringes

Jessica Biel bangs hairstyles 2017
Jessica Biel

Zooey Deschanel bangs hairstyles 2017
Zooey Deschanel

Perhaps, going for a dense fringe is a bit risky at the beginning. Why? Cause they definitely make a unique style. And you still don't know how you will feel about wearing bangs. However, above celebrity pictures represent fantastic ideas. Actually, they are really signature hairstyles for the celebs. For example, Zooey Deschanel has never ever been seen without bangs.

Celebrity bangs with slight center parting

Rihanna bangs hairstyles 2017

Alexa Chung bangs hairstyles 2017
Alexa Chung

Felicity Jones bangs hairstyles 2017
Felicity Jones

Jennifer Lopez bangs hairstyles 2017
Jennifer Lopez

Mid part hairstyles are obviously the most trendy looks right now. Having been spotted on red carpets and more on fashion shows and events and runways, they have become absolutely wide spread. If you have a bang, yo can still obtain the look, even a more trendy one, by separating the fringe slightly in the middle. These celebrity bangs hairstyles 2017 will definitely help you to build your image.

Soft side bangs hairstyles for spring

Emma Stone messy side bangs hairstyles
Emma Stone

Michelle Williams bangs hairstyles 2017
Michelle Williams

Taylor Swift bangs hairstyles 2017
Taylor Swift

One of my beloved way to wear fringes is taking them to one side. You get a more romantic image, in some cases more serious one, yet the bangs are present there and you get all the benefits.

Curious faux fringes hair ideas

Kendall Jenner bangs hairstyles 2017
Kendall Jenner

Finally, here is a nice idea on having bangs without actually having them. This is a technique of creating a high top knot, wrapping hair around and bringing the ends forward to create the bangs. Perhaps, it will not be so easy to create the first time you try, but it is certainly cute to spend time of trying.


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