Astounding Black Women Afro Puffs You Have To Try

Black ponytails are called Afro puffs!

What are the black women afro puff hairstyles? We know that they are popular and with hair trends 2017 supporting the most natural looks, they are definitely going to be in the mainstream the coming year. So each woman like the way such puffs look, but it is not everybody who realizes that afro puffs are the simplest ponytail hairstyles. The thing is theta the extra curly hair texture of black hair type instead of long tails allows creating the funniest and the cutest and the most authentic puffs that are tightly fixed ponytails. But there is still some complexity in creating them, cause  you need to comb back hair tightly and polished and leave the tail voluminous and very curly. Well, I tried to explain but instead of talking we'd better go ahead and see astounding black women afro puffs you will want to try right now.

Beehive afro ponytail hairstyles

voluminous afro puff hairstyles


side swept afro puffs hair

For the ladies with long hair, that is quite rare with the difficulties implied by growing out naturally curly hair, the puffs are ideal styles to get away from the infinite cols and get a trendy look. By the way, if you have short hair and are obsessed with puffs, use extensions.

Classy afro puffs for black women

black women front afro puff hairstyles


black women afro puffs with headbands

afro puffs

The difference between ponytails of white and black women lies in that black ladies can create the most traditional front afro puffs, that bring the curls to the front part and fix in coolest tails, well puffs.

Short Afro puffs hairstyles

classy afro puffs hair for black women


cool black women natural curly ponytails


cool black women afro puffs hair

To my mind the greatest looks are those with short puffs. You may have medium length coils, but while fixing in a tail or bringing forward the hair will become short and you will end up with short curls that do look extremely cute.

Cute double afro puffs hair

Lupita Nyongo afro puffs


double afro puffs for black ladies


double afro puff hairstyles

The double top knots or bun hairstyles that are extremely trendy for white ladies now, are in reality one of the most popular styles among black ladies. Tough we are used to seeing them on kids mostly here are some grown-ups pictures that rock the double afro puffs.

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