Casual Mid Length Hairstyles 2017

Get the trendy shoulder length hairstyles now!

Your bob cut is growing out and you do not know what to do? Or your long tresses are getting on your nerves and you want to go short? For both cases, there are spectacular mid length hairstyles 2017. Do not wait for the new year to come, act already now. The medium hair length is extremely functional. For lovers of long tresses and all possible braids and updos, this universal length will still allow to create your beloved styles. For the ones who love functionality and low maintenance of short hair, medium length is also ideal. It doesn't require so much care and looks fantastic. They say that your hair should be long enough to show off your femininity, but short enough to show off your smartness. So it appears that the medium length hair is really ideal!

Below you will fond a small gallery of shoulder length hairstyles that will be popular during the coming seasons. Straight and wavy, curly and natural textural, downdo and updo - they all look nice!

Brunette wavy and curly hairstyles of medium length

curly deep brown mid length tresses

celebrity brunettes with shoulder length hairstyles

Of course, any color will suit your new cut. However, today you will have a look at the most natural shades from darker to blonde. So above are hot brunettes. For example, Eva Longoria never changes her hair colors. Sometimes she plays with hair length going bob, then lob, but it is the mid length that she mainly wears. And it allows her to create wonderful evening looks with elegant updos like French twists or curly low buns.

Sweet brown mid length hairstyles 2017

wavy mid length hair

chocolate brown hair colors for medium hair

natural texture mid length hair

The color of chocolate is very actual in the cold season of the year when we all seek for a cup of hot chocolate. Hair colors based on brown shade can represent milk chocolate, dark and black also. So the palette is wide, and mid length hairstyles 2017 give you space to play with highlights as well.

Blonde hair colors for medium hairstyles

mid part shoulder length hairstyles

shades of blonde on medium hair

Kate Mara wavy lob hairstyles

Apparently, we can't miss out bob haircuts when it comes to shoulder length. Well. some styles can be rather called short than medium. Meanwhile, the long bob is exactly fitting to the length of medium hairstyles. So if you bob has grown out a bit, let it turn into trendy lob hairstyle.


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