Celebrity Inspiration: Dakota Johnson Hairstyles 2017

The sequel of the dramatic love story "Fifty Shades of Grey" is already and screens. And now we will look back at the starring Dakota's celebrity hairstyles and get some sensual style inspiration. Actually, during these couple of years the celebrity has undergone a significant makeover. But one thing seems to stay with her - her signature bangs hairstyles. The hairstylist Mark Townsend first met Dakota just when she was chose for this seductive role, and since then he has been styling her hair for all the important events. Actually, she was blonde then. So the first thing was to change her hair color to warm brown. However, stylist never touched the bangs cause they create the look by which Dakota is recognized. Even the most crazy style they may implement is still preserving that unique atmosphere of messy fringes and casual looks. Dakota Johnson hairstyles 2017 will bring us are based on her previous images full of sensation and emotion. Be it an updo or a casual downdo, or a trendy bob, this celebrity actress never loses her individuality. Something each of us can learn from her.

Blonde hairstyles

Dakota Johnson blonde hairstyles 2017
long blonde hair

These old pictures are just for your reference. Now you can compare the colors and styles. Definitely, this will convince you that color matters a lot. Well, we can't really say that such looks didn't fit her, but all is recognized in comparison.

Messy wavy hairstyles

Dakota Johnson messy wavy hairstyles 2017
messy waves

Dakota Johnson brown wavy hairstyles 2017
long brown curls

When you have long hair that is healthy and so shiny, you are free to create any hairstyles you like. Huge waves, messy curls will all look fine even if in reality your tresses are a bit untidy.

Dakota Johnson signature hairstyles with bangs

Dakota Johnson straight hairstyles with bangs 2017
straight hair with fringes

Fringes are back! Burberry models proved it during Milan Fashion Week SS17 shows. And Dakota Johnson hairstyles 2017 will definitely include looks with her beloved full bangs.

Cute casual updos

Dakota Johnson casual updo hairstyles 2017
simple messy updos

Dakota Johnson high ponytail hairstyles 2017
high ponytail with bangs

The zest of Dakota's look is that she always sticks to her base style. No matter what event, what dress she is wearing, she can combine it with loose or updo styles, that will still have that spirits so unique of her.

Dakota Johnson hairstyles 2017 - bob cuts

Dakota Johnson trendy bob hairstyles 2017
trendy bob

Dakota Johnson bob hairstyles 2017
dark brown short bob

Finally, the bob trend last summer didn't pass by the celebrities. However, look at the pictures, even following the trends the actress preserves her bangs and style.


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