Classy Finger Waves Hairstyles To Look Jazzy Today

Let's go back to distant 1920's and emerge ourselves into the festive atmosphere of golden age. The time when jazz was just starting. The time when women emancipation took the first steps. Here is the epoch that brought forward game changing hairstyles for women. In first place we talk about bob hairstyles. Remember "The Great Gatsby" and "Downtown Abbey"? So much style revealed and so many new trends set. Women cutting hair shorter to barely reach chin, thus introducing their independence and the right to make choice. Well, we have gone a long way now. Among the vintage hairstyles of the epoch finger waves stand alone proudly. No matter whether you have short or long hair, you can create the finger waves hairstyles on any length.

Actually, vintage hair and looks never gp out of fashion. with the colossal boom of Great Gatsby look, a lot of important event like meeting, red carpet shows, weddings were hold in the spirits of 20's. So you can always look on-trend with retro hair.

Classy finger wave bob hairstyles

Demi Lovato finger waves hairstyles
Demi Lovato

January Jones finger waves hairstyles
January Jones

Nicole Richie

The most classy looks are the ones based on bob hairstyles. Mind, that no matter if you have a real bob, or your create the old good faux bob. The past decades sported faux hairstyles, cause women didn't dare to cut hair short, but to style for a while seemed okay. Nowadays, bobs are very popular in all their variations.

Short hair finger waves hairstyles

Beyonce finger waves hairstyles

Zendaya finger waves hairstyles

Celebrities know how to make the old fashioned style look modern and on-trend. Very short finger waves are among the best hair looks ever. Beyonce used them in one of her videos, and she really won our hearts.

Long hair vintage waves

retro finger waves hairstyles
retro downdo

Keira Knightley finger waves hairstyles
Keira Knightley

Tyra Banks finger waves hairstyles
Tyra Banks

Sure, you can use your long hair to create the most romantic finger waves Unlike short cuts, long tresses allow much movements. So your classy bouncy waves need just a little more strictness. Ending in a low bun, such styles will be the perfect companion for any official event.

Runway inspired retro hairstyles

wedding finger waves hairstyles
wedding looks

runway finger waves hairstyles
runway retro hair

Finally, the recent fashion shows introduced newer and braver looks with finger waves hairstyles. Time goes by, tendencies change, but the principles of elegant looks stay the same. Never forget about it!


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