Easy Classy Donut Bun Hairstyles To Create Neat Image

Yummy donut on your head!

For the owners of long hair updo hairstyles make an essential part of live and are a strong armor in the beauty kit. Among the variety of updos today we will speak about donuts. What? - you are shouting! Yes, the variety of bun hairstyles that are called donuts. And if you simply have a look at them you will understand that they are called so because they really do look like bug tasty donuts with a whole on the center. Actually these styles are fitting both thin and thick hair. If you have thin tresses, then you should use a big donut bun maker, wrapping around your thin mane will create the illusion of dense hair. And for thick hair just the contrary. Unlike ballerina bun hairstyles that are more elegant and have strict look, donut buns can be carelessly casual, inspiring you to wear them every single day. Well, below you will find a gallery of easy classic donut bun hairstyles that will help you create new neat image.

Casual messy bun hairstyles

careless messy bun updos


casual messy donut bun

Bun hairdos can become your lifetime companion. Going to a dinner with partners - here you are to have a tights polished bun; going out friends - try more relaxed variations; going out for a date - messy bed head effect bun hairstyles are here for you. Another important thing is using accessories, like jewel pins, or simple scarves to achieve the desired look.

Donut bun hairstyles with braids

braided bun hairstyles


donut bun hairstyles with braids


classy donut bun with braids

Braids are everywhere surrounding us, and even in the simple bun updo there is room for plaiting one strand and wrapping it around the bun. Such looks are more creative by the way.

Runway creative buns

runway bun hairstyles 2017

If you lack inspiration then direct yourself yo some runway hair solutions, to find the most unpredictable ways to wear buns, like this upside down bun that is exactly on forehead.

Polished donut bun updos

big bun hairstyles


simple and nice bun hair updo

The donut bun maker will give you a chance to have the most accurate look even if you are not very skilled in styling, just have some bobby pins around to fix the unmanageable strands.

Wedding bun hairstyles

wedding donut bun hairstyles


bridal bun hair

Huge bun hairstyles are really a good solution for brides-to-be. They look elegant and nice, they are very precise, and open your face accentuating eyes.

Celebrity donut buns

celebrity donut bun hairstyles

Celebrities also love playing with bun makers from time to time, and they create not only classy high buns, but also cute low side bun 'dos.

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