Fabulous Dark Hair With Blonde Highlights 2017

From time to time women seek for new looks for updated solutions that will change our lives. Going forward to the new season and new year, we can stop and consider some new ideas on dark hair with blonde highlights 2017. Why blonde? Well, during the last several months we have been facing the extreme rise of short bob cuts accompanied with ice blonde colors. Perhaps, this is not the best color for winter time, cause t will make you feel cold. But it is still a good color for updating you image with the help of ombre and balayage highlighting. So what you need to do is stick to your natural color on roots. Then ask you hair colorist to do the jo and get the ends platinum blonde. The transitional part will make the most of the look. So be careful wit that. If you want to know more on how to get the perfect blonde highlights on dark hair, below you will find some ideas that will sure help you.

Balayage blonde highlights for brown hair colors

beach wavy long dark hair with blonde balayage

dark roots and blonde ends

Obviously, balayage now is the most trendy dyeing technique. Having taken its origins in Paris in 70's now it is in full blossom. Just due to the fact that such highlights look  very natural. Indeed, even with dark base color the transitional change to blonde is so soft that it seems like you have spent summer on the beach in the sun and got the color on your own.

Blonde ombre highlights for dark hair

long curly hair with ombre highlights

blonde ombre hairstyles

Well, ombre is nice, there is no doubt. However, originally it showed off very drastic change between just tow colors. So you roots of dark color somewhere in the middle suddenly became blonde. Nowadays, with more smooth pass between shades, ombre also underwent some changes. And here we get much softer play of tones, that surely looks better.

Defined dark hair with blonde highlights 2017

distinct blonde strands on brown hair

Long Dark Hair With Blonde Highlights
Long Dark Hair With Blonde Highlights

chocolate brown with vanilla highlights

Actually, you are never forced so go for some trendy technique. You dark hair with blonde highlights 2017 can be represented with defined full length blonde stands, if you like it. For sure, we can't state that it will bring you very authentic look, but it will be nice of course. On the whole, highlights are nice option to update you image.



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