Fashion Month Inspired Runway Hairstyles 2017

Runway hair trends directly from fashion weeks.

Fashion Weeks are the main trendsetting event during the whole year. hey define what we are going to wear during the next season, what make-up we will apply, and what hairstyle we will choose. For many women they do not mean a thing. However, for others fashion events mean life, they closely follow the events and the trends set. So if you are that fashionista, here you will see runway hairstyles 2017 inspired by the fashion month and the best designer collections. Starting fro New York and reaching the heart of fashion industry in Paris, the fashion weeks have prompted us that the main trend will be naturalness. Yes there are some sleek buns, and wet hairstyles. But looking through pictures, you will understand that number one hair trends are all about inborn hair texture.

Now enough words, let's emerge ourselves into the fairy world of style and couture!

High bun hairstyles

Christian Dior buns hair

buns hairstyles with bangs

Seen on Chrstian Dior runway, the high and very neat buns won attention. They are casual in any case. You can combine such updos with a short black dress and look elegant. And you can put on office outfit and get the business look.

Sleeked wet hair trends

Emanuel Ungaro deeps side part wet hairstyles

Nina Ricci slicked back hairstyles

Here is what can definitely be called a trend. Sleeked back and wet effect runway hairstyles 2017 ill become you guide in the universe of style. Either sleeked center parts, or deep side parts or sleek updos, or just slightly gelled combed back styles, all is on-trend.

Givenchy wet runway hairstyles 2017 Spring

Givenchy extremely gelled hair looks caught eyes at once. Inspired by the vibes fro 1920's these retro hairstyles do look fashionable now, especially when promoted by such models as Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls.

Stella McCartney slicked back hair trends

Casual updo hair trends

Hermes side parted updos

Valentino romantic updo hairstyles

Some designers didn't go too far creative for inventing fabulous looks. Valentino casual wavy updos based on natural hair texture are simply lovely.

Runway hairstyles 2017 Spring/Summer collections

Hermes bob styles

Armani boxer braids 2017

Among the runway hair trends, this time we saw some bobs yes, but what impressed more are the boxer braids taken to the heights of fashion weeks catwalks.

Naturally curly hairstyles from SS17 runways

Vanessa Seward side swept curly bob hairstyles

naturally curly bib cuts

very curly bob hair 2017

Finally, here is anther obvious trend - bob hairstyles and wavy / curly hair texture. Combined together they result in most fascinating yet so authentic looks.

Photos: courtesy of Vogue

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