Timeless Graduated Bob Cut Ideas

Thinking for a new haircut for the coming fall season? Sure the hair trends 2018 have already set some mainstream tendencies. But I am here to draw your attention to bob haircuts once again. The variety of looks, the slight different of length, the chosen hair color - everything affects he image you can get. Besides, it is no secret that chin length hair is amazing in all aspects, being quite long for you to pull it up in a half knot or a full updo. On the other hand it s quite short not to get on your nerves and show you as a real business lady. By the way, looking pro is quite an important note right now cause we are talking about autumn/winter hairstyles. Graduated bob haircuts 2018 will be your definite choice once you go through this brief gallery.

The numerous layers, smoothly or razor cut will give you maximum options for styling. But also will make your life easy not requiring styling each time.

Dark hair colors and layered bob cuts

red layered bob haircuts 2018
red graduated bob

short layered bob haircuts 2018
messy bob

short black graduated bob hair 2018
wavy hair chin length styles

Many will agree with me if I say that a lot depends on your hair color. It is a sure thing that color defines the character. Whatever you think about blonde can't be true about brunette. If you manage to choose correctly fall/winter hair colors, then rest assured that your bob will look trendy and to the point.

Brown hair bob hairstyles

dark short bob haircuts with layers 2018
dark short bob

brown hair short bob cuts 2018
soft brown shoulder length hair

What is good about layered bob style? Why not go for a blunt cut bob? Well, first of all it depends on your preferences. Secondly, it is about hair texture. For thin greasy hair layers are a lifesaving boat. Indeed, once thee are layers you get the desired volume. And getting what you want makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Blonde graduated bob haircuts 2018

blonde layered bob haircuts 2018
blonde layered bob

graduated bob hairstyles 2018
smooth layers on bob hairstyle

As you can see, graduated bob haircuts 2018 will look fine on any hair color. However meanwhile the messy style dark bob looks quite flirty, he polished blonde bob with layers will look strict and business style. Actually, layers are always a good way to change the look, make it more relaxed and playful. So don't linger, get your appointment with hairstylist right now and he fresh look by 1st of September will definitely change your life.


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