Your Guide To Sensual Wet Hairstyles 2017

Rejoice ladies with thin greasy hair! The trend for wet hairstyles 2017 is coming! Well, the truth is that we should say that wet hair trends are not going anywhere. Cause during the latest seasons we are constantly witnessing how the gelled or indeed wet styles remain in fashion and conquer hearts of everybody. Actually, it is runways that sport them, it is celebrities that fall for them and it is us who also love the sensual looks they provide. Besides the fact that the damp hair effect fits any hair texture, it fits greasy hair in first place. Forget about washing hair each single day. Instead you need to find the right hairstyles for your length and hair texture. This is it, and you are free to boast some ultra trendy style. Consequently, below you will see a full guide through wet hairstyles ideas from loose to updos, from wavy o sleek and straight, from long to short length. All these looks are quite easy to realize once you find an appropriate gel and wax for your hair.

Runway wet effect hair looks

runway wet effect hairstyles 2017
catwalks ideas

runway combed back wet hairstyles 2017
combed back slicked hair

This is how it goes on runways - casual yet quite elegant for any evening cocktail dress. Indeed, if before we thought of gelled hairstyles as of backup plan, now they are definitely the A plan for any occasion.

Celebrity wet hairstyles 2017

Penelope Cruz wet waves
Penelope Cruz wet waves

celebrity combed back wet hairstyles 2017
celebrity slicked back hairstyles

Frankly, wet hair seems to be one of the favorites for celebrities. And it is not only about Kim Kardashian that has tried all options with damp tresses. Actually, many celebs go for combed back slicked hair for important events cause they look really sufficient, however, it is not only about elegance. Look at Penelope in the image above - casual long waves made far more sensual with wet effect over it.

Gelled bob hairstyles

wet effect bob hairstyles for 2017
bob cuts combed back

wet effect bob hairstyles 2017
wet bob

Wet hairstyles 2017 will reach bob cuts. No doubt, the most trendy styles of our times will get affected by these out-of-water trend too. And they will look fantastic!

Vintage hairstyles with wet hair

vintage wet hairstyles 2017
retro hairstyles out of wet hair

Going to a topic party? Get you hair wet and gelled and style into finger waves. This vintage look will convert you into the queen of the ball.

Slicked bun updos

slicked bun wet hairstyles 2017
polished slicked updos

At last but not at least, here are updos styled on the base of wet hair. Impressive and very accurate looks.


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