Iconic Long Hairstyles Of All Times

Modern hair trends and tendencies are far away from solid standards and equal looks. We see how bob escalated and got all the winning positions. Also we face the pixie haircuts rise. Above all, there are buzz cut hairstyles for women that tend to get more popularity. This is all easily explained with the fact that women no longer have much time to take care of exquisite long hair. Work, family, big city life changes everything. However, you can't possibly deny that there is something mysteriously admiring in waist-long mane. There are some iconic looks with celebrity long hairstyles that are worthy considering no matter what the main trends are. Some of the celebrities you will see below have never drastically changed their style, always giving preference to model long hair.

Before you start insanely growing out your mane, consider all the merits and shortcomings once again. If you don not have enough time to take care of long hair, it will convert into a real nightmare for you. So better be ready for that.

Long haired brunettes


This is one of the most iconic long styles we have ever seen. The music star never failed her long brunette mane.

Kendall Jenner slicked back long hairstyles
Kendall Jenner

Even though Kendall has got shorter bob cut now, we couldn't miss out her glam long black hair.

Penelope Cruz long brunette hairstyles
Penelope Cruz

The famous actress have gone through dozens of makeovers for each of her movies. Short haired blonde for Broken Embraces, recent long haired platinum blonde for Donatella Versace in American Crime Story. However, it is her long natural brunette hair color and dense mane that makes her recognizable.

Brown hair colors and celebrity long hairstyles

Julia Roberts

Beyonce long caramel hairstyles

Cara Delevingne bronde long hairstyles
Cara Delevingne

Nicole Kidman strawberry blonde long hairstyles
Nicole Kidman

Brown is the color that has so many variations of shades that you can play with it infinitely. And this is what many top artists do. Among celebrity long hairstyles, Julia Roberts famous curls and brown hair stand out. Also pay attention to strawberry blonde of Nicole. As for Cara, as you know she is wearing a shaved head style now, but we can't get our eyes away from her long bronde mane.

Hilarious blonde shades for long hair

Sarah Jessica Parker long balayage hairstyles
Sarah Jessica Parker

Shakira long messy wavy hairstyles

Gigi Hadid

Of course, here come long hair combined with blonde hair shades. The perfect image of Venus that arises desire and adoration in all men on earth. They say this happens on genetic level, and many women know how to use this tool.


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