NYFW Black Women Street Style Hairstyles 2017 Spring

NYFW 2017 Spring inspiring hairstyles looks for black women.

New York Fashion Week is coming to its end and now we can look back at black women hairstyles 2017 Spring inspired by street style looks! Why are we considering street style rather than runway images? Well, we still have to get to designer collections and hair solutions, but I consider it essential going through the looks we see on streets cause in the majority of cases these very looks start setting the trends for the coming season, And just scrolling through the pictures below you will find out black women main hair trends - naturally curly hairstyles. The most widely spread and most of all spotted on New York streets are the authentic coils from very short to bob and medium length. Then we get to protective cornrows and some hair extensions totally straightened. But the major trend is felt from the very first step - natural curly hair will be ruling. You can already find out the NYFW black women street hairstyles spotted this week but trendy for spring and summer.

Short black hairstyles New York Fashion Week streets

NYFW short curly hair for black women SS 2017
NYFW short curly hair for black women SS17

Once short hair has become fashionable, and this happened several seasons ago, we see black women boasting inborn curls with the most easy and manageable short cuts. And New York streets are another proof of the trend still being there.

Black women bob hairstyles 2017 Spring NYFW

naturally curly bob cuts


natural curly black bob hairstyles

Well, if we happen to talk about bob we should say that still it considered to be one of the main hair trends 2017. Celebrities had spread bob so far that for several season t is sure not to go anywhere. Even the natural curls of black women are cut to the stylish bib length.

NYFW street style mid length curls for black ladies

mid length authentic curly hair

If you have time to dedicate to your coils, then do not chop them off to the shortest length, but rather leave medium, to look like Solange with her mid length curls on NYFW streets.

Short undercuts & long center parts for black women NYFW street style

black women street style hair


short undercuts and long mid parts for black women NYFW


short and long black women hairstyles

Another phenomena we noticed at the street style looks of black women is the contradiction - of long and short hairstyles, of curly and straight tresses. So on the one hand you see perfectly polished and straight mid parts, and just alongside there are the most natural curls.

NYFW natural hairstyles for black women 2017

curls and cornrows hairstyles


curly and straight hairstyles for black women

So here was a short gallery of street style looks from New York Fashion Week SS17 and I hope it will help you think over and build the most stylish look for the forthcoming warmer times.

Photos: Courtesy of Vogue


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