NYFW: Marc Jacobs Dreads Hairstyles 2017 Spring

Dreadlocks take to the heights of Fashion Week runways.

New York Fashion Week was a fairy tale of various genres combined and Marc Jacobs was one of the best authors there. His dreads hairstyles 2017 Spring shook the world and now we are facing the reality of completely new trends. This fashion designer is known for his accurate attention to every single details, from outfit and makeup to hairstyles. And this time Guido Palau, the world famous hairstylist, had the most fascinating challenge of creating the mixture of 80's and modern looks. Obviously, he took the task seriously and soon in the web came across Jena Counts with her e-commerce business of wool dreads extensions. And here the magic started. The woman with her two young daughters was invited to New York where they started to create the magic. Consequently we are here to witness the beauty of dreadlocks for SS17 inspired by the most impressive runway hairstyles at NYFW.

Runway dreads hairstyles 2017 Marc Jacobs show

runway dreads SS17


dreadlocks on NY runways


Marc Jacobs runway dreads

The designer magnificently realized his idea of making a combined image with 80's spirits fused with Tokyo vibes and house music. Moreover, the idea of dreads hairstyles realized so masterfully, only helped the image to look complete.

Before the show Marc Jacobs models dreadlocks

green dreads hairstyles 2017


blue and green dreads extensions


brown and green dreads


blue and violet dreads braided hair

You may wonder how this Florida living woman has achieved to create such unbelievable colourful locks. Above all, your question is right. Because of the fact that we all know - synthetic extensions do not give such fairy tale pastel hair colors. The secret lays in her wool-based locks, that give much more possibilities.

pink dreadlocks hairstyles


platinum blonde dreadlocks 2017

As a result, this first fashion show of a common woman will bring her thousands off clients. Especially that the most widely known model Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were on the runway with these dreads. However, when asked how Jena would handle the flood of clients, she simply answered that all she wanted was to see her granbaby.

Backstage looks with dreads hairstyles SS17

Kendall Jenner


Karlie Kloss


Bella Hadid


Irina Shayk, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss dreadlocks

The most popular models of our time like bunch of flowers were all invited to stride Marc Jacobs catwalk. Consequently, we witness how the purely protective hairstyles for African hair type may make a historical step and convert to haute couture style.

Photos: courtesy of Vogue



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