9 Major Hair Trends From NYFW Fall 2017

Meanwhile we are getting ready for spring 2017 hairstyles and trends, runways have already gone far ahead and show off next season collections. First comes New York city and here we are to see main hair trends 2017 fall time from NYFW runways.

#1 middle part hairstyles

middle parted long hairstyles 2017 Fall
blonde mid parts

off centered long hairstyles 2017 Fall
Bella Hadid

mid parted long wavy hairstyles 2017 Fall
natural waves

The first trend that is seen all around and on any hair length and texture is mid part. Designers and hair stylist seem to be deep in love with casual undone styles, that have natural center parting, not very polished and slightly off. Some of models wore slicked hair at the roots, meanwhile others had absolutely off-centered styles.

#2 runway bob hairstyles 2017

Kendall Jenner new bob hairstyles 2017 Fall
Kendall Jenner new bob hairstyles 2017 Fall

Here is the brand new haircut of the most popular model of our times Kendall Jenner. Her newly cut bob become sensation and once again proved that bob hairstyles will rule the show in 2017. Kendall's new bob is blunt with no layers, a bit untidy - this is the trend, ladies!

#3 hair accessories

headbands and hairstyles 2017 Fall

middle parte low ponytail hairstyles 2017 Fall
velvet ribbon

Among hair pieces all the attention went to bog velvet bows seen at Tory Burch. They are officially called the best date hairstyles for the current seasons.

#4 side part hair

side swept hairstyles 2017 Fall
side parts

Hairstyles with non-mid parting were quite rare on the NYFW runways, yet we s]manged to spot some.

#5 slicked back hairstyles

slicked back hairstyles 2017 Fall
wet hair

No matter what happens hair trend s2017 Fall will certainly include wet and slicked styles. And models on the catwalks prove it over and over again.

#6 braids hair trends 2017 fall

fishtail braids hairstyles 2017 Fall

Do you now any hairstyles that are never out of fashion? I know, these are braids. Absolutely versatile, for any hair length we can always see some plaits among the hottest trends. This time it is this messy fishtail with golden ribbons here and there.

#7 casual messy top knots

top knot hairstyles 2017 Fall
top knot

High, low or side buns are the styles we are used to se and wear. But here comes another hair trends for fall 2017 - high and side knot.

#8 buzz cuts

short buzz cut hairstyles 2017 Fall
buzz cut

Seems, that among long mid parts and extra trendy bob hairstyles, there was no place for short hair. However, some designers introduced extra short buzz cuts.

#9 natural hair trends

black women natural hairstyles 2017 Fall
natural curls

At last, black women rejoice! Natural hair, short and curly, will e on-trend next season. No hair stretching and painful procedures, just cut of the tresses and enjoy short afro.

Photos: courtesy of Harpersbazaar.com

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