Perfect Coiffed Hairstyles For Men

What hairstyle men should choose nowadays to be trendy, yet to look themselves? I would say that there are greatest coiffed hairstyles for men. Before we go to see the pictures, let's define what coiffed means. It is actually hair neatly combed back to represent a very accurate hairstyle. So short coiffed hair mean perfectly polished look. This will fit absolutely any guy. No matter if you are a businessman, or sport guy. For example, take the NBA payer Gordon Hayward. He has been suffering through many hair transitions until finally found the cut that suits him a lot. Though he confesses that coiffed hair takes some time to style. Here, as he mentions, the most important thing is the hair dryer. By the way, it shouldn't blow hot air, but cold to have the perfect style. In a word, we are facing hairstyles for men that are meant for everybody and represent neatly cut sides and nape, with front part slightly longer to be combed back and air blown.

To find inspiration, get to have a look at runway and celebrity styles that are really damn good!

Runway combed back mens hairstyles

coif hairstyles rom runways

make coiffed haircut

As with all the trends on earth, coiffed hairstyles for men too originated on runways. Well, maybe not started there but became popular through catwalks definitely. The pictures show some gelled styles. All you need to do to have short haircuts with some length on front part to allow experimenting. Then you take gel and blow dryer and get the look! Elegant, yet quite modern.

Perfect coiffed hairstyles for men

elegant mens hair looks

men celebs short coiffed hair

The good thing is that you can style your coiffed hair in various manners. Like going too official if needed. Or on the contrary tousle it to get slightly casual looks for a night out. This way or another, the style will obviously attract attention.

Male celebrity coiffed hair

Justin Timberlake

david beckham coiffed hairstyles for men
David Beckham

Brit Rock

And here are the men celebrity hairstyles as promised. Actually, there are many top artists that rock such classy short haircuts. Among them are Justin Timberlake and David Beckham that stand out with their unique style. The ex footballer though being a sportsmen is indeed the style icon alongside with his wife. And Justin is beyond any comments always having had his own unique style.


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