Top 5 Romantic Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day 2017

Get prepared for the most romantic day of the year with top 5 hairstyles for Valentines day 2017. Well, some may say that it is the day of friendship cause legends have it different stories. But for the people madly in love the story has it as the day of love and affection. Apparently, your best half will take you out somewhere for a romantic supper or for a night walk in moonlit city streets. In any case you have to be ready having planned your outfit, make up (note not to make it too loud and appealing, all has to be within the limits) and of course your fantastically romantic hairstyles.

Basically, if you have long mane than you can try any style you may think of. But below you will find the best ideas that will make a princess on that special night out. From Hollywood curls, to simple updos, you can the style best fitting your character and also the relations that you are in now.

#1 Victoria's Secret bombshell hair

notorious curly hair

Actually, such amazing curls are not the style invented by the hairstylists at Victoria's Secret backstage. But it is them who made these hair looks so extremely popular. For ladies with long hair this is perhaps the best option to choose for lovers day.

#2 romantic hair accessories

hair accessories

Sometimes we women can be very lazy. If suddenly you find yourself completely not in the mood of styling hair, then make sure to have at hand some gorgeous hair accessories. All you will need to do is fix the pice on your head and get the romance in your image.

#3 side braid hairstyles for Valentines day 2017

tousled side brad of Cara Delevingne

messy braid swept to side

Other gorgeous hairstyles for Valentines day 2017 are the braids for sure. They can appear in any possible and impossible design. To get the soft look, I suggest trying messy loose side braid.

#4 delicate messy updos

casual elegant updos

Elegance for the day of love will be only welcomed. It is updo hairstyles for sure that will best of all reflect it. However, make sure not to go for polished and strict looks. Indeed, it is all about strands left out untidily, they make the image so romantic.

#5 tousled messy buns

high messy bun

Finally, the easy-going, fast style buns are the very popular styles of our times. They are casual, yet worthy to be taken even to the red carpets. So this can be your choice for the Valentine's day hairstyles.


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