Runways: Black Hair Trends 2017

Simple Afros or intricate vintage hairstyles?

Fashion Month is coming to its end and it is time to look back and consider black hair trends 2017 inspired by runway collections. The most prominent designers of our times represent their spring summer ideas for clothing and make-up and hairstyles during this month. So, this is the ideal chance to set the trends. As well as this is an opportunity to get to know the trends beforehand. Obviously, some of the black women hairstyles are not new to us. For example, the afro styles have gained crazy popularity recently. However, there are Valentino sleeked buns that are new to fashion, though they are a classic style. On the whole, I have to gladly announce that 2017 will be the year of natural looks for African-American ladies. You will be given a chance to freely choose whether to go for protective hairstyles, or to straighten hair, or to boast the inborn coils.

Black women afro hairstyles for 2017

Armani SS17 black afros

The first model on this Armani collage is that very Maria Borges, that seems to have put a start to afro trend. Some seasons ago she commented that black models are tired of straightening hair and growing out the natural dizzy curls. And she broke the stereotypes appearing on the runway with a svery short Afro, that she wears till now.

A.P.C. short black afro

Roland Mouret short black afro styles

This year many designers shifted their attention to afro styles and thus set them as black hair trends 2017, and I am glad to say that they really look cute when needed, and elegant also.

Natural black hair trends 2017

Vanessa Seward natural curls

Hermes extra short black hair

Elie Saab black women natural hairstyles 2017

Stella McCartney black natural hair

Vanessa Seward extra short black haircuts

The above picture from the runways of the fashion weeks for spring-summer 2017 define the obvious line in black hair tendencies. Natural curls, mid length or very short, afros and almost bold hairstyles are the ones to be popular next seasons.

Fashion Weeks runways hairstyles SS17

Givenchy sleek wet black hairstyles

Armani black boxer braids

Nina Ricci mid length natural curls

Christian Dior high bun hairstyles for black women

Among the devastating majority of inborn hair texture, some designers turned to creative hair solutions. Among black hair trends 2017 we see high buns, and protective boxer braids alongside with mid length naturally curly hair. Givenchy's wet and sleek looks from 1920's are also worth attention, though I would suggest them for some event rather than for everyday life.

Photos: courtesy of Vogue


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