Short Dreads For Men To Catch Eyes

Short cuts can be amazing if you go for dreads.

Following the hairstyles trends for men I have to say that current tendencies seem to be quite versatile. Nowadays men are offered quite a wide choice of styles they can adopt. Very long ago it was only long tresses that characterized the man, defined his position in the society, os level of being wealthy or poor. Even short dreads for men styles meant certain thing. Then some centuries ago men suddenly became attracted by the most practical short haircuts. No need to worry about tresses, more hygienic way is to cut them short. However, nowadays we see the perfect fusion and balance of both. Men now are free to choose between long sleek hair and long dreads, short fades and crop cuts and also short dreads for men.

This latter type is what we are going to discuss today. Hair looks with short dreads for men  are quite impressive still remaining functional and requiring low maintenance. However, they do make a statement and get all eyes on you. So, it is time for you to leave behind the styles with no character and try to express yourself through ale dreadlocks.

Medium length short dreads

male medium length dreads


mid length dreads

First of all, have a look at medium length. If you are fan of long mane, but can't afford spending all you time and nerves on hair, this will be perfect solutions. Mid length dreads are a nice and unusual way to show your inside world.

Undercut men's hairstyles and dreadlocks

short undercut with dreads


fade haircuts with dreadlocks


men's fade cuts and dreads

A good way to combine the trends and your personal affection towards dreadlocks, is having a fade cut. The upper crown area is plaited into fabulous dreads. That allows you to enjoy the benefits of short cut on the one hand. And on the other show off the braids you love.

Street style short dreads for men

men's short dreadlocks


short undercut dreads for men

By the way, street style looks should definitely become your main source of hairspiration for short dreads men hairstyles. Looking at the above photos you will understand what I mean. The most creative dreads looks are found right out there - in streets.

Extra short dreads for guys

black men short hair


extra short dreadlocks


short male dreadlocks

Finally, if your hair is very short but you still seek for dreads, consider the extra short ones. Added to your hair length dreads will add some more length and volume. Thus, you will boast the dreads you have dreamed of.


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