Top 10 Winter 2017 Hair Trends To Learn Now

Winter's coming with charming hairstyles.

What are the winter 2017 hair trends? I bet this question is torturing many fashion ladies now that all around are speaking about spring and summer collections and tendencies, the whole world seems to have forgotten about these very season of autumn/winter that are juts several days away from us. This is why I have looked through the recent runway shows, analyzed the trends and I am here now to introduce to you the top 10 winter hairstyles that I am sure you will not only like, but you will fall in love with. One thing before going ahead: the hair tendencies now sport only natural looks, so it is all about simple hairstyles that can vamped up with gorgeous hair accessories, or with colors combination. And another thing is hair care that you have to know - winter is the time of winds and cold, and be sure to provide good protection to your tresses so tat they look healthy in winter and be ready for warm seasons. Now let me take you to the best winter hairstyles trends 2017.

#1 Low ponytails

low ponytail hairstyles 2017
low ponytail hairstyles 2017


messy ponytails for winter 2017
messy ponytails for winter

These easy and modest hairstyle are the number one trend in my opinion. Being noticed on too many catwaks and being sported by various designers, messy and casual p-tails are what you need.

#2 High top knots hairstyles 2017

top knots hair for 2017
top knots hair

The smooth transfer from bun to top knot is obvious, now in the majority of looks we see knots hairstyles, that are more casual than classy buns.

#3 French twist styles

French twist hairstyles 2017 Carolina Herrera
French twist hairstyles Carolina Herrera

Among all the easy looks, these elegant twists are perhaps the most complicated designs for hair, and as far as various designers have put accent on French twists, it is sure to be trendy this winter time.

#4 Braids and again braids

braids hairstyles 2017 winter
braids hairstyles 2017 winter

Winter will be full of braids, of all styles, all colors from the most easy braided ponytails to the most sophisticated 5-strand braids. So start practicing right now.

#5 Runway unicorn braids hairstyles

unicorn French braids for 2017
unicorn French braids

Even though braids again, I have taken them to separate trend, and the reason is obvious - one center parted unicorn braid and half updos make a perfect combination for separate hairstyles for winter.

#6 Jewel hair accessories for 2017

jewel hair accessories trends
jewel hair accessories trends

The slogan for winter can be something like this - leave hair bed head and add a chic jewel piece. And you will have the nicest looks.

#7 Retro finger waves hair for future

finger waves retro hairstyles for fall-winter 2016-2017
finger waves retro hairstyles for fall-winter 2016-2017

Hairspiration from 1920's emerges reality of today with wet effect finger waves. Surprising and startling.

#8 Super volume and long hairstyles trends

extra voluminous hairstyles trends 2017
extra voluminous hairstyles

You have thick and dense hair that you always abhorred? Now time to boast your volume cause this is the trend!

#9 Crimped hairstyles 2017

crimped hair trends for winter 2017
crimped hair trends for winter 2017

Looks like 90's pop divas, right? Yet runways have introduced so many crimps hair that there is little space left for doubts about their being trendy.

#10 Runway wet hair trends

wet hairstyles trends for 2017 winter
wet hairstyles trends for 2017 winter

Wet effect and slicked back hairstyles seem to have stuck to trends and are not leaving the leading positions any day soon. So learn how to create wet looks in winter cold.

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