Absolutely Adorable Curly Bob Hairstyles

Whether natural coils, or curling iron and barrels used, admit that curly bob hairstyles are nothing but adorable. Actually, first of all it is all to the bob length. It is perfect, embracing the face and underling its features. Besides the variation bob has will fit any face shape. But today, we will consider the curls on the length that bob provides. The first thing that may come to mind is flirty and playful girl. Yes, the curls are usually associated with careless looks. And actually they are more attractive than sleek hair. Just at first sight. Perhaps, it is genetic memory for men to get attracted by waves and curls, cause the goddess Venus had curly hair.

In any case, it is not men we are talking about, but us. If you wake up on a sunny day and looking at the mirror see that something should be different, think of curls first. Just wash you hair, take the curling iron and  go ahead. And if your have inborn curls, then your bob haircuts are already updated with amazing option.

Flirty coils for your bob

playful curly short hair

very curly bob

curly bangs short hair

You know, that a woman starts to feel like a different person when she changes something in her style. Be it a hair color, or high heels, or whatever. For example, if you change to curls at once, you will feel much more youthful and naughty too. Why not give it a try? And turn today to an adventurous young lady.

Celebrities and models with curly bob cuts

side swept bob cuts

celebrity bob with curls

Curly bob hairstyles are loved also by celebrities. Above pictures show how Jennifer Lopez (that always adored her long mane) wears a short curly bob cut. Or Jennifer Lawrence that is often seen with sleek and straight platinum blonde bob style, also wears it curly. Well, I call the curls flirty and girlish. But they can look quite elegant too. Make a deep side parting, put on your favorite shiny earrings and deep V-shape dress, and here you are. More elegant than ever.

Street style curly bob hairstyles

cute curly bob ideas from streets

sensual short bob cuts

black curly bob

sexy curly bob styles

Finally, some nice ideas on your curly bob cuts are drawn from streets and the looks we see on female fashionista. Are you still here? Go and style the coils right now!


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