Runway Hairspiration: Flirty Curly Hair

The past fashion week was all about unique looks. This was perhaps the most frequently used word. However, as we can see when hairstylist says unique he bares in mind natural indeed. Meanwhile everybody is talking about extraordinary looks, abut expressing individuality, what we see on runways are the most casual images. So Just letting your straight hair be straight, you waves be wavy, and your curls run curly, you become unique. This is the idea that fashion shows have ow and we will willingly follow the trends. Actually, it is quite nice to have a chance to be yourself, and instead of using curling irons or stretchers, just enjoy your inborn texture. So step by step we come to curly hairstyles 2017 Fashion weeks have introduced to us. First of all, it is about black models. Yes, the tight curls are now in fashion. Besides, it is about everybody who has the slightest wave. Enough words, let's see the fashion babes on and off runways boasting their curly hair now.

Mid length curly hair ideas

Topshop Unique curly hairstyles 2017
Topshop Unique

DKNY curly hairstyles 2017

Noemi Abigail curly hairstyles 2017
Noemi Abigail

Reem Acra curly hairstyles 2017
Reem Acra

It was not very long ago that Chanel curly updos won our hearts. However, the story didn't end there. Reem Acra continued the trend. On the whole, the medium length is ideal for coils. They become shoulder long and can easily turn into updos.

Long relaxed curly hairstyles 2017

Cornejo curly hairstyles 2017


Madison Stubbington curly hairstyles 2017
Madison Stubbington

As you can see from the pictures above, the trend is not about defined, separate coils. No, it is just your own texture. This is why it is so individual. ne has messy curly mane, the other more expressed curls. So hat you nee to do is to make sure that hair isn't frizzy and dizzy. Healthy looks are in first place. Then you can already show off the length and curls.

Short cute curly hair from runways

Ari Westphale curly hairstyles 2017
Ari Westphale

Alana Arrington

What surprised most of all on the current runways shows is the short hair. Finally, models can really rock the length that makes them forget about endless hair problems. For black women, short afros came into fashion. For white women, pixies and bob cuts are all around. Also curly hair short cuts were quite many on the catwalks. In a word, no matter what you put on, make sure to have natural hair.


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