Flirty Celebrity Messy Buns For Any Occasion

The casual and easy hairstyle we used to know has converted into a whole new look. Actually, the buns that loves everybody who has enough length to create them are no longer the home styles. Don't you believe me? Celebrity messy bun hairstyles will prove it to you. Forget about times then you had the bun at home, and then before going out had to spend a couple of hours on styling, Now you old good bun can accompany you wherever you go, whatever event it is. Celebrities have mastered these popular updos to such and extent that we see them on red carpets and most significant events in fashion and art world.

Basically, what you need to know is that it should be extremely casual. However, it doesn't mean that it won;t require styling Actually, the most ordinary looks can hide behind hours of styling, I don't aim to scare you. Just bare in mind, that you will need to master your skills to get effortless yet elegant look.

Casual street style messy buns ideas

Kim Kardashian messy bun hairstyles
Kim Kardashian

Gigi Hadid messy bun hairstyles
Gigi Hadid

Cara Delevigne messy bun hairstyles
Cara Delevingne

Kendall Jenner messy bun hairstyles
Kendall Jenner

The fist thing that comes to mind when we talk about casual outfit and looks, are the messy buns. Indeed, the cool top knots with strands left out, not tight, rather relaxed. They are simply perfect to hang out with friends or go for shopping, And the above celebrity pictures seem to prove it.

Elegant celebrity messy bun hairstyles


Katie Holmes messy bun hairstyles
Katie Holmes

Alessandra Ambrosio messy bun hairstyles
Alessandra Ambrosio

Here is the art of hair styling. Looks like the top model of Victoria Secret just pulled hair up and fixed with several pins. However I am more sure that behind lays a masterful job of a group of stylist. By the way, learning such bun is not that difficult. Just comb hair back first, to create volume. This is the key.

Red carpet messy buns and knots

Blake Lively messy bun hairstyles
Blake Lively

Karlie Kloss messy bun hairstyles
Karlie Kloss

Zendaya messy bun hairstyles

Finally, we get to see many celebrity messy bun hairstyle on the runways, and on the red carpets. They are greatly combined with designer delicate cocktail gowns and evening make-up. The key feature of such bins is not being polished, That looks flirty and playful, yet the updo itself implies some elegance and strict looks. So this is kind of mixture that bares insides all the benefits of an updo and messy hair.


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