Long Straight Middle Part Hair Ideas You Will Love

Long hair will become your main asset in any situation. With the widest choice of hairstyles they can offer, there are still some very simple yet breathtaking styles - namely, long straight middle part hairstyles. For ladies with wavy hair this may take some time to style. Meanwhile this is a real paradise for those who have inborn sleek hair. In this case you won't need to do anything. Actually, the most important thing to do in this case will be the care. Long hair is gorgeous. But only when glossy and healthy. Sulky and dull and damaged mane will not look nice at all. In a word, going for long hair first of all take into account that you will need some time to devote it to your tresses and their care. And sure, it will take money too. In any case, beauty always requires something, and for such mesmerizing looks you should be ready to give what is needed.

Below you will find a gallery of middle parts that are quite very popular right now. Perfectly centered or slightly off-centered they will underline the lines of your face and stress the beauty.

Runway straight center parts

runway mid part long straight hairstyles
catwalks long straight hair

Going to runways and fashion weeks first, we will see that recent shows were really the embodiment of casual and natural looks. Only some designers have chose exquisite designs, the majority of hair looks being very easy and simple. Among them for sure the first place is give to mid parts 2017.

Street Style Long Straight Middle Part Hairstyles

street style mid part long straight hairstyles
mid part hair street looks

mid part long straight brunette hairstyles
off centered brunette hair

mid part long straight black hairstyles
sleek long hair center parted

mid part long straight blonde hairstyles
extra sleek blonde mid part hair

cute mid part long straight hairstyles
caramel color long hair

Our next stop are the streets. Fashion capitals streets are always full of fresh and crazy ideas that sometimes are never seen on runways. People can invent looks that are worthy getting to haute couture shows. That is why I love getting inspiration from street style looks. Long straight middle part hairstyles at the pictures above are a good example of my words. Nice designs, casual outfits, and hair as if not styled at all. Slightly comber and off-centered.

Celebrity long hairstyles with center parting

celebrity mid part long straight hairstyles
straight hair ideas from celebs

Finally, here are some ideas of straight and sleek and extra long hair looks from celebs. Of course, Selena and Jessica are far not the only ones adopting this style. This is just for you to have an idea about the absolute popularity of the style.


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