Simple Glorious High Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles

The old good ponytail! But what do we really know about them? The life saving casual updos for everyone with hair length passing over chin. Ponytails save us at home, at work and anywhere we go. However, it is not on-the-go style that is super easy to create. There is something more hidden behind this famous style. In reality, there are millions of ways to style your pony. Of course, when you are at home cleaning house you probably just fix hair in middle height tail or knot. And you usually think that for going out pony won;t do, cause there are many downdos  and much more sufficient updo hairstyles. Here is where you are all mistaken. Glorious high sleek ponytail hairstyles are no casual look, meant for any exquisite images ever. You don't believe me? Well, let's scroll down to see runway and celebrity hair inspiration that will certainly convince you. Ponytails are cool, you just need to find the ideal ones.

Casual everyday p-tails

every day high sleek ponytail hairstyles
high pony for every day

model long high sleek ponytail hairstyles
long hair casual tail

First of all, consider wearing high tail for your every day looks. Such styles fit business style combined with strict suits and also evening dresses if you plan on some cocktails. What you need to take into account is that we are talking about very high tails. The mid height won't do in this case. Obviously, this requires some techniques that you need to learn.

Runway inspired high ponytail ideas

runway high sleek ponytail hairstyles
models sleek updos

Actually, in first place mind that almost no style here is fixed with a ribbon. It means you first the tail high enough, the wrap it around with a strand of own hair. This is really essential for creating complete and glossy image.

Celebrity high sleek ponytail hairstyles

Kendall Jenner high sleek ponytail hairstyles
Kendall Jenner sleek updo

Gigi Hadid high sleek ponytail hairstyles
Gigi Hadid blonde ponytail

Alessandra Ambrosio high sleek ponytail hairstyles
Alessandra Ambrosio messy tail

Perhaps, the most famous young models of the current times are rocking the easy sleek ponytails in the images above. This should mean something. And it means a lot. Firstly, that you can wear such easy hairstyles even to the most important red carpet events. Secondly, that they fit any outfit and any face shape.

Kim Kardashian high ponytails
Kim Kardashian high ponytails

celebrity high sleek ponytail hairstyles
celebrity high ponytails

High sleek ponytail hairstyles are quite popular among celebrities. For example, Kim K boast very polished and sleek updo styles quite often. With the right make up and outfits, ponytail can become your beloved style.


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