Awesome Basket Weave Braids Hairstyles

Ladies with long hair will appreciate considering some ideas on basket weave braids hairstyles. Yes, when you have long mane it is quite natural that you start to experiment with various style to look special each single day. And there is nothing that can give you more opportunities than you extra long hair. No doubt, one of the most astounding ways to jazz up your looks are braided hairstyles. And when I say braids I guess you can imagine the widest range we will have here. From traditional and simple three strand French braids to the most exquisite 5 strand ones. Basically, let's concentrate on many strands plaits now. So basket weave is actually the 4 or more strands woven into each other to resemble basket weave. And here comes the  most interesting - you can weave them as you want. The braid can be on one sides, at the top, on the bottom, partial, through all length, with center parting, side parted and with no parting at all.

Runway basketweave braids

Alexander McQueen braids

basket weave braids ideas

runway braided hairstyles

Some season ago Alexander McQueens models were all wearing basket weave braids hairstyles. Though some time has already passed, it doesn't make them less spectacular. Indeed, slightly wet effect strands of slightly differing shades, woven one into another, looks smashing today as well. Besides, these plait can end in buns and ponytails, as well as go through all length.

Basket weave braids hairstyles for long hair

long hair basket weave plaits

half hair braided

cute ideas of long hair braids

Mermaid or side plait? High or low bun? All can be accompanied with the basket weave braid. However, you will need some time to practice your skills and come to create masterpieces with these 5 strand plaiting techniques. In any case, nothing is impossible. So go and start developing your skills now! Your long hair is worthy to get this look.

Various weave braided hairstyles

braids into buns

curious basket braids

The images above show how contradicting and different plaits can be. There are elegant looks with straight and sleek hair, and on the contrary wavy hair will create flirty looks. Also note that weave braids are perfect for protective hairstyles. For example, take the long female dreadlocks in the picture above. How neatly they are woven ion the braid is simply fabulous!


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