Best Sexy Long Hairstyles For Men 2017

If you ever though that long hair is not manly, here is the moment when you will change your mind at once. Below long hairstyles for men 2017 will prove you that guys with long mane are cool and sexy. Actually, let's get back to history. The ancient men never had short fade and buzz cuts. This is true. Vikings had long hair with intricate braids plated into one another. On the whole the length of the mane defined the social status, the strength and achievement of a man. However, for same time the trend was complete gone and lots. Nowadays, we see the male hair trends change. On the one hand, it is all about the rise of beards. Indeed, if several seasons ago we all loved James Bond shiny shaved face, now we see hair on face and absolutely love it. On the other hand, it is about hair length. We more often come to see slightly longer men's hairstyles. Almost everybody has the front part grown out to provide with versatile styles. The most daring ones go for quite long hair that together with trendy beards make a smashing combo.

 Dark long hair ideas for men

long brunette hairstyles for men
brunette haired men

half bun for men with long hair
half bun for men

medium length hairstyles for men
medium length hair

Taking care of themselves, planning the look and every single detail, is now in fashion even for men. So do not get frustrated, just look at the above dark haired men with long mane and get inspired. By the way, you will have a chance to try updos too.

Long wavy hairstyles for men

mid length hairstyles for men
wavy haired men

sensual long hairstyles for men
sensual male wavy hair

sexy long hair for men
huge wavy mane

The good thing about long hairstyles for men 2017 is that you can boast you inborn hair texture. In a word, you don't need to grow out hair and then work on its texture. Just leave it wavy or curly and people will get in love with your coils.

Blonde long hairstyles for men 2017

sexy blonde hairstyles for men
sexy blonde haired men

long hairstyles for men
long hair for men

long blonde hairstyles for men
long hairstyles and beards

blonde long haired men
beards and long tresses

bun hairstyles for men
top knots and bun hairstyles for men

Finally, if you already have long tresses and you are not that impressed with them, here is what you can do. Go for highlights. Yes, there are dozens of technique that ill update your look. Especially, if you are a blonde, it will be easy to create a sunshine play on your length.


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