Gorgeous Long Wavy Hairstyles For Any Occasion

Waves for the best looks on any occasion.

There are people who adore long hair and can never go for even a regular trimming. And I understand them. Though being on the side of those who only look and adore, I really can see why many women love long mane and never want to get rid of it. Long hairstyles give numerous chances for styling. However, you will need patience and efforts and a lot of tome dedicated to hair care. Cause it is healthy and glossy hair looking cool, not dull and damaged. This shortcomings can be fatal for some of us, while for others nothing can compare with the adoration in the eyes of the crowd. So they keep growing out hair and styling various hair designs. Among the vast ways to achieve some unique look, let me show the simple yet so glamorous long wavy hairstyles. You won't be able to pass them by. The atmosphere of femininity and elegance around them is simply breathtaking. No matter of it is the Hollywood glam with long bouncy waves, or the trendy casual beach waves, you are sure to look astounding.

Long wavy hairstyles

street style long waves


cute long wavy hair


medium length blonde waves


brunette wavy hairstyles

Depending on your hair texture, you can have various waves. For straight tresses, the only way to have curls is to ceate them somehow. Believe me, just using some mousse and leaving hair to air-dry will not work. So take the curling iron or the rollers and get t work. You may need to leave the rollers overnight to achieve the nicest and tightest waves, and sleeping on them is not that pleasant. While ladies with inborn wavy texture can exult now, cause that things are much easier in here. For long wavy hairstyles you will need to apply some gel only. Even if you want to achieve retro waves, you only need to hold the roller for a few seconds, and that's it.

Beach wavy hair

naturally wavy hair

long beach waves

casual wavy hair

beach waves hairstyles

The summer hair trend that actually never goes out of fashion. Even in the coldest winter we seek for these romantic long wavy hairstyles that will remind us of the sea and sunny days. Above all, long beach waves do look cool.

Vintage bouncy waves

bouncy waves hairstyles

Here we are! These are the looks adored by men and women, passing through decades the Hollywood bouncy waves still make your heart beat fast and take your breath away. Thus, here you see the classiest of the wavy hair looks. Be sure to try them some day.

Celebrity wavy hair

celebrity long waves

Finally, we get to the celebrity hairstyles. Actually trends start from them, And it was Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz and many others who always inspired us with their gorgeous manes.


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