Romantic Long Wavy Hairstyles For Valentines Day

Just a couple of weeks until the greatest day of lovers, and you still don't know what date hairstyles to choose? Well, well, well... Actually, there are many ways t make you look romantic and sweet. But you should agree with me that there is nothing better than waves. Valentines day long wavy hairstyles will make you look so soft and tender like an angel sent from above. If you have long hair, you need to definitely go for loose waves. Mind, that we are not talking about curls. Tight coils may seem too childish if not natural, meanwhile bounce soft waves are very appropriate for the seductive image you are seeking for. Below you will find a brief gallery with best wavy hair options to consider. Trendy middle parts, dramatic side parting, solid deep color or highlights, all is up to you. Even the type of waves from bouncy to barely there beach wavy styles.

Dark brown and brunette waves

hot brunette long wavy hairstyles dark brown long wavy hairstyles

Somewhere out there people go crazy for blonde hair colors that gained extreme popularity recently. But we are sitting calmly here and admiring deep chocolate shades. Indeed, if you have inborn brown hair, follow your perceptions and rock your own color. Create wave sand get super romantic hairstyles for Valentines day.

Warm colors and flirty wavy hair

brown long wavy hairstyles
shiny long mane

soft long wavy hairstyles
matte brown wavy hairstyles

Wavy hair can be updated with color for sure. Extra shiny hair is always on-trend. But there is also the matte shade of brown that tends to be quite trendy right now. So there are things to consider before you visit your hairstylist these days.

Valentines day long wavy hairstyles with highlights

long wavy hairstyles with highlights
highlights on long wavy hair

side swept long wavy hairstyles
balayage coloring

Highlights can become that some special trifle that will change the game this time. If you have always been wearing long hair and waves too, then add low and highlights of warm shades like caramel and honey. Be sure you will get unforgettable image with Valentines day long wavy hairstyles.

Wavy hair and bangs for date looks

long wavy hairstyles with bangs
waves and fringes

If you are not wearing bangs, I would suggest trying them now. Well, there are many things you need to consider. Like their quick growing out and getting in your nerves. However, there is nothing better than fringes and waves to make you look adorable. Yes, this is the right word here. A bit of childish shade, some tone of sexuality, yet innocence still there. This is exactly what you will get and this is exactly what admires men.


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