Trendy Lob Hairstyles You Can Have Today

Wear the trendiest lob hairstyles of this season!

Medium hairstyles are considered the most common and frequently adopted ones. This is not occasional. Mid length allows you forget about the problems that long mane may imply. At the same time, it still gives you styling opportunities, not less than long hair. So why torture yourself? Besides, we all know how popular are bob haircuts nowadays. Consequently, their derivational lob hairstyles are also on the peak of popularity. And it is worthy for you to see and learn them now. There are number of reason why you should love long bob cuts. First of all, if your bob has overgrown you do not need to run to cut it off to return the trendy look. This is important, you should agree. Or on the contrary, you have long hair, but very dramatic change towards short hair is too much for you. Then lob is there waiting for you.

Above, all lob cuts can be styled into ponytails and half updos, into intricate designs and causal beach waves. Thus you will be fully armed with all the kit of styles.

Wavy long bob hairstyles

wavy lob with highlights

brunette long wavy bob

Medium length bob can be styled wavy, as well as the shortest one. However, with the longer version yu have more length to play you texture of your curls. You can create very tight ones, or loose bouncy waves. Or style the casual and always trendy beach waves.

Street style lob hair looks

straight lob from streets

Well, I couldn't pass by these cute street style inspired looks. The deep side parted lob is apparently meant for thick hair and looks awesome if just styled straight.

Half up half down lob hairstyles

half top knots from long bob

romantic half updos

The last summer was the time of half up hairstyles. Suddenly everybody started to style half buns and top knots. And lob length allows to perfectly. And not only that, play with various updos and downdos and enjoy the shorter hair benefits.

Straight lob hairstyles

Alessandra Ambrosio new lob haircuts

best straight lob

straight lob cut for thick hair

angled long bob cuts

By the way, have you noticed that long bob haircuts are being adopted by the most famous super models? Yes, it was Kendall Jenner who went shorter, it is Alessandra Ambrosio who cut hair to medium length, So we are definitely facing a trend that is winning hearts on its way.


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