Lovely Short Curly Haircuts You Will Adore

Short coils will make you look adorable.

It has always been a matter of debate whether short hair is good or not. There were times when women were not allowed to cut hair off at all. And only around 1920's came the time if changes. The ever popular bob hairstyles then started their way. Then in 60's we saw the rise of the short pixie cuts. As a result, nowadays women are free to wear any hairstyle they like. And today I like short curly haircuts. Well, short hair is very impressive on its own. I mean it is meant for women who are strong and independent. Besides, if you smartly combine your short cut with natural curly hair texture, even better. In this case you will get an awesome look that doesn't require styling and care.

In a few moments below you will see the pictures of the most adorable short cuts with curly hair and I am more than sure that you will fall in love with them.

Adorable short curly bob hairstyles

short curly bob cuts

messy short coils

curly and short bob hair

The first thing that comes to my mind when we speak of curls, is femininity and coquette looks. Actually, curls are angelic and really make a woman look more attractive and flirty. As for short coils, here you win twice. On the one hand you show off your character. And on the other you remain tender and naughty girl.

Street style short curly haircuts

casual messy short cuts

street stye short curls

Audrey Tautou short curly hairstyles

Bob cuts are among the most amazing short styles. Perhaps, they are the most amazing ones. With all the variations they have, curly bobs tend to be simply adorable. And I am not talking about the artificially styled short curly haircuts with hours spent in front of the mirror with curling iron in hands. No! I am talking about that messy curly thing on your head, that is so lovely just the way you wake up in the morning.

Short and curly pixie cuts

curly pixie

best short curly pixie

sensual short coils

At last, but not at least for sure, is the pixie. The famous statement pixie that tells so much about its owner. Pixie is a rebellious woman, pixie is a vamp. But sassy asymmetrical one. With natural cols it is different. The short hair will turn you into a sensual women, that has a bit of a child in her, so adventurous.

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