Vivacious Short Pixie Haircuts With Highlights

Many will say that short hair is boring and never offers the diversity that longer hair can suggest. Short cuts lovers will argue with you here. Actually, short haircuts proof to be very different and will offer you the widest choice of looks for each occasion. There are even cute updos for short cuts, I mean a small braid on side will definitely make your party look. Among short cuts, we distinguish several styles, the most popular of which are pixies. There are many methods to make your pixie look new each, like wavy and straight, combed back or side swept. And there is also a possibility to play with color. Short pixie haircuts with highlights will become you favorite look beyond any doubt. Well, creating highlights on such length may not appear an easy task, but it is very possible. And the below picture of short cuts with low and highlights will convince you to get one asap.

Silver grey pixie hairstyles

grey pixie with dark roots

feathery silver and black pixie

During the recent season we saw a flash of pastel hair colors coming into trends. At first it was pale pink and violet, then we came to bleached blonde and silver gray hair shades. Indeed, silver hairstyles have become extremely popular. If before women would always die greying hair, now young girls seek for the moonlit color. For your short pixie, the silver shade can be updated with darker highlights. A nice look, really.

Blonde pixie haircuts with highlights

butter blonde short haircuts

blonde pixie with straw highlights

Going short is a daring move in your life, believe me. Even though we are living in the epoch of equality, short hair is still considered extravagant. Mostly meant for independent and self-confident women. However, you can soften the makeover by blonde hair color, that always looks feminine enough. Various shades of blondes used as highlights for your pixie, will create a dimensional image.

Dark brown pixie cuts with caramel highlights

brunette short hair with cinnamon highlights

highlights for short dark pixie cut

Short black pixie is like short black dress that any woman should have. Well with hairstyle, at least once in life. If you go short and have dark hair it may kook too challenging. And there is a good way - use your dark short pixie haircuts with highlights. Add caramel, honey, cinnamon, or even straw blonde and get the most fascinating look ever.


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